MasterRC Detailing

AutoCAD application for the detailing and scheduling of reinforced concrete. Detailing to BS and SABS codes.    

MasterRC is an AutoCAD 20014-17 application providing a powerful, yet easy to use set of tools for the accurate detailing of reinforced concrete.

Generation of bars and labels requires minimal input and scheduling is an immediate, error-free operation. Evolving designs are catered for by a range of editing tools and repetitive details can be saved for re-use in later drawings and projects.

Detailing Features

  • No cover lines or pre-selection of bar orientation required
  • Full range of graphical bar development methods
  • Quickly fit straight and cranked lapped bars to and between existing bars
  • Option to define bars by input of schedule dimensions
  • Tolerances and laps are calculated automatically
  • Linear, Stepped and fitted to profile varying bar groups
  • Pre-processors including staircase detailing generator
  • Labelling to suit single, groups or runs of bars
  • Labelling of rectangular, skewed, circular, uniform and variable bar sets
  • Labelling of series of isolated bars

Please Note

  • MasterRC requires AutoCAD 2014-2017.
  • MasterRC will NOT run on AutoCAD LT
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  • RC details with toolbars displayed.
  • Stairs, Beam, Curved Slab & tapering wall details �
  • Beam, Column & Pad Details imported from MasterFrame and Concrete Design
  • PileCaps imported from the MasterRC PileCap Designer
  • Bridge Details
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