Timber Design

Independent design of timber beams and the design of Timber members in structures analysed using MasterFrame. Design to the BS and Euro codes.

MasterKey Timber Design and MasterBeam Timber Beam Designer represent a combined package offering exceptional power and flexibility to cover all your timber needs. Design using EuroCode 5.1.1 or BS 5268 Part 2

MasterKey Structural Timber Design is an interactive, 'stand-alone' program providing comprehensive design of timber and can interface with MasterFrame for integrated design.

MasterBeam Structural Timber Beam Designer provides analysis and design of simple and continuous beams and sub frames with up to 16 spans. The simplicity of the MasterBeam Timber Beam Designer interface, makes it the ideal tool for the infrequent user and its true interactive nature makes it an excellent teaching tool.


  • Interactive, Dynamic Analysis
  • Interactive, Dynamic Design
  • Switch between Design Codes to compare results
  • Timber sections database
  • Database of material specifications and classifications
  • Joists
  • Beams
  • Combined axial & moment
  • Glulam design
  • ......
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  • MasterKey - Integrated Timber Member Design
  • MasterKey - Stand-Alone Timber Joist Design
  • MasterBeam - Timber Beam Analysis
  • MasterBeam - Timber Beam Design
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