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MasterSeries 2019 is only weeks away! [VIDEO]
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The launch of MasterSeries 2019 is only weeks away, and we want to share with you the main improvements!
Building Design from Concept to Construction - Webinar
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Join us for our next webinar and get to see how the Fast, Powerful & Flexible MasterSeries Building Design Suite will empower you to generate and design complete building models with ease.
Domestic House Extension [Case Study]
Posted on in PowerPad
​Great Webinar, Case Study and Video on the design of a house extension using Only MasterSeries PowerPad Plus.
Beam Design Webinar
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Join us for a free webinar on Tuesday 9th February at 1pm GMT This live webinar will demonstrate how the MasterSeries designs simple & continuous beams with speed, accuracy & economy.  We will cover the Free, Student and Commercial versions of MasterBeam, PowerPad & MasterFrame, for the design of Steel, Concrete & Timber Beams    Register by selecting Webinars from the menu above…
MasterFrame Dynamic Vibration Design of Floors and Stairs
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Yesterdays webinar on the Vibration design of floors and stairs went extremely well. Thank you all for you positive and encouraging feedback. The main topics included Using SCI P354 or Concrete Society CCIP -016Setting up a Composite Floor analysis model…