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Gain a Competitive Edge in Masonry Design with Advanced Yield-Line Analysis
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Engineers have several options available to them when attempting to calculate a masonry walls’ lateral resistance.
Building Design from Concept to Construction - Webinar
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Join us for our next webinar and get to see how the Fast, Powerful & Flexible MasterSeries Building Design Suite will empower you to generate and design complete building models with ease.
Masonry wall strengthening with bed-reinforcement
Posted on in Masonry
As a result of the Advanced Analysis and Wind-Posts, we can reduce the wall thickness and create more economical solutions. However, Wind-Posts may cause some unexpected problems, such as disruptive installation and cold bridging.
MasterKey: Masonry & Murfor® Compact Bed Reinforcement
Posted on in Masonry
MasterSeries 2018.14 includes Murfor® Compact bed-reinforcement as part of Masterkey Masonry. In Addition to Eurocode 6, it includes the UK, Irish and various European National Annexes out of the box.
Generate connection detail drawings with a simple click
Posted on in PowerPad
Automatic generation of connection detail drawings accelerates your design process, saving you time, and accurately conveys your design to the fabricator.
Holiday Closures
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MasterSeries Offices will close on 24th December 2018 at 1pm and reopen on 2nd January 2019 at 9am
Career Opportunity at MasterSeries
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As a structural engineer, being involved in developing software that transforms how thousands of engineers work around the world is hugely rewarding. Now you too have an opportunity to play a leading role in shaping the future of MasterSeries software.
Masonry Design in the 21st Century
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Designing masonry walls with multiple openings has long been the bane of the structural engineer. Traditional methods of laterally loaded masonry wall analysis draw on basic yield lines from tabulated values in codes of practice. When openings are intr
New: Discrete Web Openings in MasterFrame
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An overview of one of our most anticipated recent updates.
MasterRC Pile Caps 2018
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The latest version of MasterSeries (2018.07.02) includes an extensive upgrade to MasterRC Pile Caps.