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Transverse reinforcement for composite beams
Posted on in Composite design
In composite beams, the longitudinal shear connection between the steel and the concrete parts is provided by shear connectors. But how can we prevent the transferred longitudinal force from the shear connectors from splitting the concrete flange?
An Introduction to PowerPad: The Essential A&D Suite for Small Building Projects [WEBINAR RECORDING]
Posted on in PowerPad
Sometimes a big 3D structural analysis software package is a little bit too complex or just excessive for the simple, straightforward engineering problems such as low rise buildings and simple beam design. MasterSeries PowerPad bundles together a wide range of essential structural analysis and design capabilities to be able to carry out a small building project from the bottom to the top.
Strengthening Masonry Walls for Lateral Loading with Windposts
Posted on in Masonry
Using windposts, the lateral stability of a wall can be increased significantly against horizontal forces such as wind pressure or handrail loads. But designing of large masonry walls especially with openings can often be difficult.
Calculating the shear connection of a composite beam to Eurocode 4
Posted on in Composite design
Properly bonded steel beam and concrete slab, acting compositely, can be much stronger and stiffer, which can result in significant savings in steel and/or structural floor depth. How can we provide the necessary shear connection between the two components and how is it designed?
Design of composite structures in MasterFrame 2019 [WEBINAR RECORDING]
Posted on in MasterFrame
Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how to analyse and design a complex, 3D composite multi-story structure using the high level of integrated design and optimisation solutions of MasterSeries.
Calculate the moment capacity of a composite beam to Eurocode 4
Posted on in Composite design
Thanks to the many benefits of composite construction, this construction type has been dominating the multi-storey building sector for over twenty years. But how actually does composite construction work?
Standard and user-defined cross-section import
Posted on in MasterFrame
MasterSeries provides extensive in-built steel cross-section libraries and built-up and parametric cross-section creation possibilities to empower engineers to be able to create any kind of structural solution. But sometimes you need to import a new cross-section library or user-defined sections.
Raise awareness of your company and get international attention
Posted on in About
In the last number of years, many marvellous projects were realized worldwide with the use of our structural analysis and design software. To present and share success stories, submit your project to us!
Free Beam Designer has been upgraded!
Posted on in Beam Designer
We know that sometimes all you need to do is a quick and easy beam design without the need for a robust 3D structural analysis software – with our upgraded Free Beam Designer you will deliver outstanding beam design with a detailed report.
Utilising the stiffness of nominally pinned bases in frame design
Posted on in MasterFrame
Typically a four-bolt column base is usually considered to be a nominally pinned support in structural analysis. However, benefit can be taken from the stiffness of nominally pinned bases to reduce frame deflections and to reduce the effects of the deformed geometry.