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Handling of the complex, layered soil environment
Posted on in Retaining wall
In exceptional circumstances, we have to handle complex soil environments. MasterSeries Retaining Walls design software provides a great range of soil environment settings to allow you to design these complex, layered soil situations.
MasterSeries 2019 Sneak Preview: Column to Beam (above and/or below)
Posted on in PowerPad
We are only weeks away from the launch of MasterSeries 2019, and we want to share with you another exciting connection enhancement to look forward to. MasterKey: Moment Connections 2019 is coming with a new connection type.
Generate your wind loading in a few steps even on a non-standard 3D structure
Posted on in MasterFrame
Defining and modelling standard based wind loading is a very specific and time-consuming task. MasterKey Wind Analysis module, used with MasterFrame 3D frame analysis software makes light work of the complex task of applying wind loading to any structure.
Complex connection design for steel structures [WEBINAR RECORDING]
Posted on in Connections
Join us for our next Webinar to get to know how can you create and design complex steel connections with MasterSeries Connection Design.
Integrated design of cellular beams and web openings
Posted on in MasterFrame
Using a cellular beam is one of the most popular ways to save weight and to create an economic structure. But, the design of these beams is carried out with separate programs. In MasterFrame the cellular beams are an integrated part of the model.
Generate CAD arrangement drawings and schedule your reinforcement details with a simple click for retaining walls
Posted on in Retaining wall
Automatic generation of general arrangement drawings accelerates your design process, saving you time, and accurately conveys your design to the other members of the project.
MasterSeries 2019 Sneak Preview: Bracing connection
Posted on in PowerPad
On Tuesday, we held the sneak preview webinar of MasterSeries 2019, which is only weeks away, to share with you the upcoming main improvements. Now we would like to give you a deeper insight into the upcoming bracing connections.
MasterSeries 2019 is only weeks away! [VIDEO]
Posted on in Webinar
The launch of MasterSeries 2019 is only weeks away, and we want to share with you the main improvements!
Masonry is a great option for building a retaining wall in a short period of time
Posted on in Retaining wall
Using a masonry system of retaining wall is one of the most common solutions to reduce delivery time and construction cost. However, the design workflow of a cavity-retaining wall is more complex, and we have to handle more parameters.
Increase connection resistance with 4 bolts in a row joint configurations
Posted on in PowerPad
Bolted end-plate moment connections are widely used in steel structures. The most common joint arrangement has two bolts in each row, but what can we do if we require greater resistance and the lower bolt rows are not providing enough additional capacity?