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MasterSeries 2019 Sneak Preview: Shop welded moment connection option
Posted on in Connections
The development of MasterSeries is always focused on the needs of our customers. We get a lot of enhancement ideas, from which we select the most popular. One of the enhancements, which is already implemented is the shop welded moment connection.
Applying complex loading on non-uniform 3D multi-storey buildings - Webinar
Posted on in Webinar
Join us for our next Webinar and get to know how to apply complex loading system on non-uniform 3D multi-storey buildings including the wind loads, load patterns and combinations.
Handling of the complex, layered soil environment
Posted on in Retaining wall
In exceptional circumstances, we have to handle complex soil environments. MasterSeries Retaining Walls design software provides a great range of soil environment settings to allow you to design these complex, layered soil situations.
MasterSeries 2019 Sneak Preview: Column to Beam (above and/or below)
Posted on in Connections
We are only weeks away from the launch of MasterSeries 2019, and we want to share with you another exciting connection enhancement to look forward to. MasterKey: Moment Connections 2019 is coming with a new connection type.