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Posted on in Masonry
54:45 min

The enhanced user interface of MasterSeries Masonry 2020 provides a straightforward design workflow to increases efficiency and productivity.

Key points/topics covered:

• Introduction of the improved and redesigned user interface
• Calculating masonry walls with any arrangement of openings
• Strengthening masonry walls for lateral loading with wind posts
• Strengthening masonry walls with bed reinforcement
• Applying arbitrary positioned lateral line and concentrated loads
• Calculating and designing free-standing masonry walls with piers and masonry columns
• Q&A session

Admin Users
Posted on in General
5 min

Adding Additional Users to a Cloud Licence

Slab Raft Zoom1
Posted on in Building Design Suite (BDS)
67:33 Min

Complete Domestic Raft Analysis and Design Using
● MasterFrame
● MasterFrame Finite Elements
● MasterKey Concrete Slab Design
● MasterKey Concrete Beam Design

Ms2020 Connection Webinar Cover
Posted on in Steel
56:39 min

The new version of MasterSeries Connection Design 2020 includes many great enhancements to speed up the generation and design of steel connections.
Watch the recording of our webinar and find out how to quickly create and automatically optimise your steel connections in seconds.

Patterned Loading
Posted on in Analysis
10:59 min

Patterned Loading in FEA Slabs

Posted on in Getting Started
9:19 min

Getting Started with your MasterSeries trial.
A short guide

Piled Slab Below
Posted on in Analysis
21:00 Min

Piled Concrete Slab Amalysis & Design
MasterFrame Finite Element Analysis
MasterKey Concrete Slab Design

Posted on in Building Design Suite (BDS)
12:28 min

Analysis & Design of a Concrete Raft using MasterFrame Finite Elements & MasterKey Concrete Slab Design

Joints Plated
Posted on in Steel

Creating welded sections on the fly inside MasterKey Moment & Simple Connections

Joints Intro1
Posted on in Getting Started
8:30 min

Starting MasterKey Connections,
Creating a file and designing your first joint - a Beam to Beam Fin-plate