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Wind Panels
Posted on in Analysis
7:43 Min

Fixing Wind Panels that won't close in MasterFrame

Master Frame End Forces
Posted on in Analysis
10:45 Min

Extracting MasterFrame Member End Forces.
1) Via MasterKey Moment & Simple Connections
2) Graphical values
3) Tabular Values
4) DXF Export

Master Framedeflections
Posted on in Analysis
11:42 Min

Assessment of Nodal, Member, Global & Local deflections in MasterFrame

Power Pad 18 Wind
Posted on in Wind
4:55 Min

How to use MasterKey Wind Analysis on Buildings outside the UK & Ireland

Composite Primary Beam
Posted on in Getting Started
4:10 Min

An Introduction to Primary and Mixed Primary/Secondary Beams in MasterSeries Composite Beam Design.
Standalone beams

Wind Portal
Posted on in Getting Started
26 Min

Full Wind Portal design in PowerPad, using MasterFrame, Steel Design, Connections & Concrete Pads
UDLs, Nodal Loads, Notional Loads, Loading Cases, Steel Design, Connections, Pad Foundations

Check Out
Posted on in General
3 Min

How to Check-Out a Softlock Licence from the server onto a local PC so you can work away from the office/network

Check Out, Checkout, Check-out, SoftLock, Soft Lock, RMS

2019 06 05 14 32 16
Posted on in Analysis
55:19 min

MasterFrame 2019 - 3D Loading Webinar

Posted on in Getting Started
9:19 min

Getting Started with your MasterSeries trial.
A short guide

2019 04 03 09 08 32
Posted on in Getting Started
3:25 min

Short Infographic video outlining the different product ranges & modules in MasterSeries