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Semi Rigid Stiff Deck
Posted on in Analysis
8:51 Min

MasterFrame 2020 - applying Semi-Rigid Stiff deck to floor levels. (Diaphram action)
(also 2019)

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19:18 Min

MasterFrame 2020 Copying Frame entities
(also 2019)

Copy Mirror Duplicate

Posted on in Analysis
9:15 min

MasterFrame 2020 Add Frame To Existing Structure
(also 2019)

Masonry Webinar Cover
Posted on in Webinars

Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how MasterSeries Masonry Design can increase your efficiency and help you to deliver complex and economical building solutions.

Key points/topics covered:
- Introducing the Advanced Yield-Line Analysis
- Calculating masonry walls with any arrangement of openings
- Strengthening masonry walls for lateral loading with wind posts
- Strengthening masonry walls with bed reinforcement
- Applying arbitrary positioned lateral line and concentrated loads
- Calculating and designing free-standing masonry walls with piers and masonry columns

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Watch the recording of the latest Webinar and learn what PowerPad is and how it can increase your efficiency and boost your productivity through a real building project.

Key topics:
- Analyse and design a small 3D frame project
- Auto generating the wind loading
- Introducing integrated steel and concrete design
- Integrated steel connection design
- Designing the masonry wall panels
- Creating reports and outputs

Posted on in Getting Started

Watch how it is easy to create, design, detailing and schedule a continuous concrete beam to EC3 in MasterSeries Beam Designer.
Primarily using the Concrete Beam Designer (including PowerPad version)
but also referring to MasterFrame & MasterKey Concrete Beam Design.

Posted on in Analysis

How to create tapered plate girders in MasterFrame

Composite Web2019
Posted on in Webinars
51:53 Min

Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how to analyse and design a complex 3D composite multi-story structure using the high level of integrated design and optimisation solutions of MasterSeries.

Key topics:
- Analyse and design composite structures in MasterFrame 2019 according to Eurocode 4
- Modelling a composite floor
- Setting the level loadings and creating the load cases for construction and composite stages
- Construction stage design for unpropped and propped beams
- Autodesign of studs, cross-sections
- Designing cellular beams and large web openings based on SCI publication
- Handling the deflection limits

MasterFrame Tutorial T1-1 2019
Posted on in Getting Started
45 Min

Video of MasterFrame Tutorial T01-3 (EC3)
The tutorial gives you a quick tour of MasterFrame, introducing you to the most important concepts and features to design a 2D steel frame.
Members, loads, bracing, supports,

The step-by-step tutorial can be download from here:

Tag #mf-T01-3

Posted on in Getting Started
96:36 min

Tutorial T01-5 for MasterFrame
Learn how to create and design a 3D multi-material steel/Composite structure to EC3 & EC4.

The step-by-step tutorial can be download from here: MasterFrame 3D Structures.pdf

Tag #mf-T01-5