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2021 07 28 17 27 00
Posted on in Getting Started
2:14 Mins

Short video highlighting the features of MasterKey Masonry Design program

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Master Frame Hints2021
Posted on in Webinars
93:50 min

Are you new to MasterFrame or would like to refresh or deepen your modelling and analysis knowledge? This is the webinar that you have been waiting for!

Our expert colleagues have collected all the questions and issues received by our support team. In this webinar, we will cover these and show you hints & tricks to help you to work more efficiently and avoid analysis errors.

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Mcad 2 D
Posted on in Drafting & BIM
21:30 Min

MasterCAD 2D
editing member ends
member alignment
DXF / DWG exporting

NOT relevant for Revit, IFC & Tekla exporting

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Master Series 2021Preview
Posted on in Webinars
59:39 Min

Check out the latest MasterSeries software developments in MasterSeries 2021.

Concrete Slab Long-term Deflection Calculation & Crack Control
Tekla Structures Bi-directional Link
Concrete Beam, Column & Pad Design Groups
Retaining Wall Highways Design to Eurocode
And more…

Tag #Web210526

Piled Slab
Posted on in Analysis
40:13 Min

Creation of a piled concrete Slab with patterned loading & Edge Beams
MasterFrame Finite Elements (FE)
MasterKey Slab design

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2021 Steel Webinar Cover
Posted on in Webinars
1 hour 22 mins

Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how MasterSeries saves time and effort using the high level of integrated design and optimisation to maximize your solutions.

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2018 02 08 16 19 04
Posted on in Analysis

How to apply "Member Loading" to MasterFrame, PowerPad Plus & Building Design Suite
Applies mainly to 2D frames.
For area Loading See 3D Loading Webinar

Pattern Area Loading
Posted on in Analysis

how to create patterned area loading on MasterFrame Pro, PowerPad & Building Design Suite

tag #mf210408

2103 Wind Webinar Cover S
Posted on in Webinars
58 min

Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how MasterKey: Wind Analysis module makes light work of the complex task of applying wind loading on any structure

Tag #web210316

Cad Layer Video
Posted on in Analysis
8:22 min

How to Import a DWG Drawing into MasterFrame to use as a snappable underlay for creating new structural members

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