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2019 09 12 10 40 38
Posted on in Webinars
59:05 min

Watch the recording of our previous webinar and learn how to analyse and design a complex 3D steel structure using the high level of integrated design and optimisation solutions of MasterSeries.

2019 08 19 16 13 33
Posted on in Webinars
39:03 min

MasterSeries Floor and Stairs Vibration Design to SCI P354
MasterFrame - Space frame
MasterFrame - FEA
MasterFrame Dynamic Anal;ysis

Portal Bracing
Posted on in Analysis
5 Min

editing roof bracing locations in MasterPort

2019 06 05 14 32 16
Posted on in Webinars
55:19 min

MasterFrame 2019 - 3D Loading Webinar

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2019 04 03 09 08 32
Posted on in Getting Started
3:25 min

Short Infographic video outlining the different product ranges & modules in MasterSeries

Master Frame Tables
Posted on in Analysis
13:49 min

MasterFrame Analysis - Tabular Results
Forces, Reactions, displacements, Stresses

tag #mf190529

Master Frame Bending Moments
Posted on in Analysis
9:52 min

Viewing of Analysis results in MasterFrame, Building Design Suite and PowerPad

Master Frame Plate Girder With Openings
Posted on in Analysis
4:59 Min

Defining Built-up Plate-Girders and adding openings in MasterFrame

Plate Girder Design
Posted on in Analysis
10:05 Min

Design of UB's and Plate Girders with Openings

120419 Ms2019 Barincconnection Pic5
Posted on in Webinars
53:30 Min

MasterSeries Webinar on Connection Design, 9th May 2019
Covers Eaves, Apex, Base Plates, Beam & Column Splices, Fin Plates, Flexible End Plates, Angle Cleats, Bracing Connections.