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53:45 min

Composite floors, thanks to their many benefits such as efficient usage of materials; quick, cost-effective and sustainable constructibility, have come to dominate the building industry in the UK over the past years. However, for the long-term usability of buildings, the serviceability design both in the final and construction stages can be at least as important as the resistance design in the final composite stage.
Watch the recording of our latest webinar and learn the essential steps of the design both in the construction and final stages.

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51:53 Min

Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how to analyse and design a complex 3D composite multi-story structure using the high level of integrated design and optimisation solutions of MasterSeries.

Key topics:
- Analyse and design composite structures in MasterFrame 2019 according to Eurocode 4
- Modelling a composite floor
- Setting the level loadings and creating the load cases for construction and composite stages
- Construction stage design for unpropped and propped beams
- Autodesign of studs, cross-sections
- Designing cellular beams and large web openings based on SCI publication
- Handling the deflection limits

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96:36 min

Tutorial T01-5 for MasterFrame
Learn how to create and design a 3D multi-material steel/Composite structure to EC3 & EC4.

The step-by-step tutorial can be download from here: MasterFrame 3D Structures.pdf

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8:35 Nin

Design of Composite & Non-Composite Slim Floor Beams

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4:10 Min

An Introduction to Primary and Mixed Primary/Secondary Beams in MasterSeries Composite Beam Design.
Standalone beams

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7:09 min

An Introduction to Secondary Beams in MasterSeries Composite Beam Design.
Standalone beams