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Posted on in Analysis
14:08 min

Methods of applying Gravity Loading to Frames.
Applies to MasterFrame, PowerPad Plus & Building Design Suite
1) Member Loading - 2D frames
2) Area Loading - 3D frames
3) FEA Loading - 3D frames

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2018 02 08 16 19 04
Posted on in Analysis

How to apply "Member Loading" to MasterFrame, PowerPad Plus & Building Design Suite
Applies mainly to 2D frames.
For area Loading See 3D Loading Webinar

Pattern Area Loading
Posted on in Analysis

how to create patterned area loading on MasterFrame Pro, PowerPad & Building Design Suite

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Thermal Loading
Posted on in Analysis
8:03 min

How to apply a thermal load to members in MasterFrame, PowerPad & Building Design Suite.

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2019 06 05 14 32 16
Posted on in Webinars
55:19 min

MasterFrame 2019 - 3D Loading Webinar

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Wa07 Tall Building
Posted on in Webinars
61:49 min

Webinar demonstrating the different methods for applying loads to MasterFrame.

MasterFrame/PowerPad - Member, nodal and notional horizontal loading & loading cases
MasterFrame Pro - Area loading
MasterFrame Pro with Wind Analysis - wind loading

Master Frame Load Case Editor
Posted on in Analysis
9:31 min

MasterFrame - Loading Case Generator

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