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Category: Editing

Posted on in Analysis
37:55 min

Understanding pins, end releases and supports in MasterFrame, PowerPad Plus & building Design Suite

Tag #MF210805

Posted on in Webinars
93:50 min

Are you new to MasterFrame or would like to refresh or deepen your modelling and analysis knowledge? This is the webinar that you have been waiting for!

Our expert colleagues have collected all the questions and issues received by our support team. In this webinar, we will cover these and show you hints & tricks to help you to work more efficiently and avoid analysis errors.

Tag #web210623

Posted on in Analysis
8:22 min

How to Import a DWG Drawing into MasterFrame to use as a snappable underlay for creating new structural members

tag #210312

Posted on in Analysis
7:57 min

Reducing Horizontal Deflections in Sway Frames through the introduction of partially fixed bases at serviceability limit state

Ref BS5950 Nominally pinned base
00% base fixity under Ultimate loading
10% base fixity under notional loading
20% base fixity undert Service loading

tag #MF190903

Posted on in Analysis
4:00 Min

Grid-lines are automatically imported from Revit & IFC models but not DXF.

This short video shows how to import grid-lines from DXF into MasterFrame (Building Design Suite & PowerPad)

tag #mf190808, grid, import

Posted on in Analysis
4:59 Min

Defining Built-up Plate-Girders and adding openings in MasterFrame

Posted on in Analysis
10:05 Min

Design of UB's and Plate Girders with Openings

Posted on in Analysis

How to insert columns.

Posted on in Analysis
1:35 Min

How to redefine the ends of an existing Member