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Category: MasterFrame Finite Elements

Master Frame Attached Beams
Posted on in Analysis
9:44 min

Applying Attached Beams in MasterFrame FEA

PowerPad Plus

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Master Frame Fea Mat
Posted on in Analysis
8:16 min

MasterFrame FE -defining Surface Materials

PowerPad Plus

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Ms2021 Hints Tips Fea Webinar
Posted on in Webinars
72:30 min

MasterFrame FEA Hints and Tips Webinar.
Surfaces, mesh, loading, steps, walls, rafts
Building Design Suite
PowerPad Plus
MasterFrame FEA

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Posted on in Analysis
34:39 min

Importing and creating a FEA slab and walls using the AutoCAD drawing as a guide.
Slabs, Walls, Columns, Load patterns, Rebar Design, Punching Shear

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Master Series 2021Preview
Posted on in Webinars
59:39 Min

Check out the latest MasterSeries software developments in MasterSeries 2021.

Concrete Slab Long-term Deflection Calculation & Crack Control
Tekla Structures Bi-directional Link
Concrete Beam, Column & Pad Design Groups
Retaining Wall Highways Design to Eurocode
And more…

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Piled Slab
Posted on in Analysis
40:13 Min

Creation of a piled concrete Slab with patterned loading & Edge Beams
MasterFrame Finite Elements (FE)
MasterKey Slab design

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2020 11 23 10 45 14
Posted on in Analysis

Applying Supports & releases to MasterFrame Finite Element Surfaces
MasterFrame, Finite Element, FEA

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2020 11 12 11 28 57
Posted on in Webinars
67 min

The carefully considered design workflow of the MasterSeries Building Design Suite seamlessly integrates all the modelling, analysis and design aspects of a building project, to help the engineers deliver safe and well rationalised structural solutions.
Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how to design a complex, 3D concrete building, using the fully integrated design and optimisation solutions of the MasterSeries Building Design Suite.

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Slab Raft Zoom1
Posted on in Analysis
67:33 Min

Complete Domestic Raft Analysis and Design Using
● MasterFrame
● MasterFrame Finite Elements
● MasterKey Concrete Slab Design
● MasterKey Concrete Beam Design

tag #mf200923

Patterned Loading
Posted on in Analysis
10:59 min

Patterned Loading in FEA Slabs

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