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Posted on in Analysis

Understanding the behaviour of Cantilevers in real conditions.
PowerPad Plus
Building Design Suite

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Posted on in Analysis
7:57 min

Reducing Horizontal Deflections in Sway Frames through the introduction of partially fixed bases at serviceability limit state

Ref BS5950 Nominally pinned base
00% base fixity under Ultimate loading
10% base fixity under notional loading
20% base fixity undert Service loading

tag #MF190903

Posted on in Analysis
10:45 Min

Extracting MasterFrame Member End Forces.
1) Via MasterKey Moment & Simple Connections
2) Graphical values
3) Tabular Values
4) DXF Export

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Posted on in Analysis
11:42 Min

Assessment of Nodal, Member, Global & Local deflections in MasterFrame

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Posted on in Analysis
13:49 min

MasterFrame Analysis - Tabular Results
Forces, Reactions, displacements, Stresses

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Posted on in Analysis
9:52 min

Viewing of Analysis results in MasterFrame, Building Design Suite and PowerPad