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Category: MasterFrame Finite Elements

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Posted on in Analysis
34:39 min

Importing and creating a FEA slab and walls using the AutoCAD drawing as a guide.
Slabs, Walls, Columns, Load patterns, Rebar Design, Punching Shear

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Piled Slab
Posted on in Analysis
40:13 Min

Creation of a piled concrete Slab with patterned loading & Edge Beams
MasterFrame Finite Elements (FE)
MasterKey Slab design

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Posted on in Analysis

Applying Supports & releases to MasterFrame Finite Element Surfaces
MasterFrame, Finite Element, FEA

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Slab Raft Zoom1
Posted on in Analysis
67:33 Min

Complete Domestic Raft Analysis and Design Using
● MasterFrame
● MasterFrame Finite Elements
● MasterKey Concrete Slab Design
● MasterKey Concrete Beam Design

tag #mf200923

Piled Slab Below
Posted on in Analysis
21:00 Min

Piled Concrete Slab Amalysis & Design
MasterFrame Finite Element Analysis
MasterKey Concrete Slab Design

tag #mf200729

Fea House Slab
Posted on in Analysis
35:21 Min

MasterFrame FEA - Semi-Detached House Raft