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Wind Portal
Posted on in Getting Started
26 Min

Get familiar with how to create, analyse and design a simple steel frame to EC3.
Create members, loads, Supports, loading cases and design beams & columns

The step-by-step tutorial T01-2 can be download from here:

Tag #mf-T01-2

Video Joint Web16
Posted on in Steel
2:00 Minutes

Design an Eaves Joint in 2 minutes
Re-Recorded for MasterSeries 2019

Steel 17 03
Posted on in Webinars
49:24 min

Steel design using MasterFrame pro

Steel, design groups

Posted on in Analysis
14:31 Min

MasterFrame 2017 Viewing and Filtering

Zoom Pan Rotate Views Filter

Ms Products Mastercad Bim Revit Masterseries 8
Posted on in Webinars
68 min

MasterSeries Building Design Suite 2017 Webinar

MasterKey: Connection Design Introductory Video
Posted on in Steel

Demonstration of the Connections Editor

2017 07 19 17 21 59
Posted on in Analysis

How to insert columns.

Ub Ipeetc
Posted on in Steel
5:40 Minutes

Using the UK Euro, USA, RSA & Chinese Section Databases

General Euro Code Nad
Posted on in General
2 min

How to create your own EuroCode National Annex

Master Frame 2017 Editor
Posted on in Webinars
64 min

MasterFrame 2017 Editor Webinar (View in Vimeo for Table of Contents)