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Posted on in PowerPad (PP)
12:35 min

Element beam design in PowerPad Plus for Steel, Concrete & Timber beams.

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Posted on in Getting Started

Watch how it is easy to create, design, detailing and schedule a continuous concrete beam to EC3 in MasterSeries Beam Designer.
Primarily using the Concrete Beam Designer (including PowerPad version)
but also referring to MasterFrame & MasterKey Concrete Beam Design.

Posted on in Analysis

How to create tapered plate girders in MasterFrame

Free Steel Beam Designer
Posted on in Getting Started
9:09 Min

How to design a Steel Beam to Euro Code 3 using the Free Beam Designer

Master Frame Plate Girder With Openings
Posted on in Analysis
4:59 Min

Defining Built-up Plate-Girders and adding openings in MasterFrame

Ground Beams Rafts
Posted on in Webinars
71:01 min

Design of Ground Beams, Rafts & Pile Caps using MasterSeries 2018

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Posted on in Webinars
67 min

This webinar will demonstrate the design of simple and continuous beams in Steel, Concrete & Timber to both BS & the EuroCodes. It is aimed at all structural Engineers and will cover both our Free & Commercial Software.

Conc 17 T Beam
Posted on in Analysis
5:55 Min

Concrete Beam Design using MasterFrame

Continuous Beams

Steel Bd 0008
Posted on in Webinars
59:58 Min

Demonstrates how the MasterSeries designs simple & continuous beams with speed, accuracy & economy.

It covers the Free, Student and Commercial versions of MasterBeam, PowerPad & MasterFrame, for the design of Steel, Concrete & Timber Beams.

Steel Bd 0003
Posted on in Analysis
54 min

QUB final year lecture on Beam Analysis & Simple Steel Design. MasterFrame, Steel Design & Steel Beam Designer.