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Steel Column
Posted on in Steel
9:09 min

Isolated Steel Column Design

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2020 01 31 15 16 18
Posted on in PowerPad (PP)
21 min

Integrated analysis and design of a 2d steel frame to Eurocode.
The design covers the connections and the pad foundations as well.
* Frame Generation
* Frame Loading
* Loading Cases
* Notional Horizontal Loading
* Results
* Steel Design
* Sway Stability
* P-Delta
* Connection Design
* Foundation Design

Posted on in Analysis

How to create tapered plate girders in MasterFrame

Posted on in Steel
2:20 Minutes

Short 2-minute promotion video on MasterKey Moment & Simple Connections

Tag #msc03102019-1

masterseries, steel connection, connection design, moment connection, simple connection, bracing, bolted connection

Wind Portal
Posted on in Getting Started
26 Min

Get familiar with how to create, analyse and design a simple steel frame to EC3.
Create members, loads, Supports, loading cases and design beams & columns

The step-by-step tutorial T01-2 can be download from here:

Tag #mf-T01-2

Posted on in Getting Started
96:36 min

Tutorial T01-5 for MasterFrame
Learn how to create and design a 3D multi-material steel/Composite structure to EC3 & EC4.

The step-by-step tutorial can be download from here: MasterFrame 3D Structures.pdf

Tag #mf-T01-5

2019 09 12 10 40 38
Posted on in Webinars
59:05 min

Watch the recording of our previous webinar and learn how to analyse and design a complex 3D steel structure using the high level of integrated design and optimisation solutions of MasterSeries.

Free Steel Beam Designer
Posted on in Getting Started
9:09 Min

How to design a Steel Beam to Euro Code 3 using the Free Beam Designer

Mb Steel101
Posted on in Getting Started
10 Min

Basic introduction to the Steel Beam Designer
Re-recorded for MasterSeries 2019

Plate Girder Design
Posted on in Analysis
10:05 Min

Design of UB's and Plate Girders with Openings