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Posted on in Analysis
34:39 min

Importing and creating a FEA slab and walls using the AutoCAD drawing as a guide.
Slabs, Walls, Columns, Load patterns, Rebar Design, Punching Shear

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Mcad 2 D
Posted on in Drafting & BIM
21:30 Min

MasterCAD 2D
editing member ends
member alignment
DXF / DWG exporting

NOT relevant for Revit, IFC & Tekla exporting

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2020 11 12 11 28 57
Posted on in Webinars
67 min

The carefully considered design workflow of the MasterSeries Building Design Suite seamlessly integrates all the modelling, analysis and design aspects of a building project, to help the engineers deliver safe and well rationalised structural solutions.
Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how to design a complex, 3D concrete building, using the fully integrated design and optimisation solutions of the MasterSeries Building Design Suite.

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Posted on in Drafting & BIM

Check out our latest video on MasterSeries full round-trip integration with Revit Structure - True BIM. Look out for the great tip near the end on setting up a filtered 3D view to colour code the changes made following a Revit model update from MasterSeries.

masterseries, revit, bim, model exchange

Posted on in Webinars
77:18 Min

Watch our webinar to get to know how the Fast, Powerful & Flexible MasterSeries Building Design Suite will empower you to generate and design complete building models with ease.

Master Cad Bim
Posted on in Drafting & BIM
15:16 Min

MasterCAD: BIM
IFC file import
Revit import, export & updating
DCF GA Drawing Export

Master Cad Revit
Posted on in Webinars
52:09 Min

Rapid Generation of MasterFrame Structural Models
Building Design Suite

Bds 04
Posted on in Webinars
54:42 Min

The MasterSeries Building Design Suite brings together the core MasterSeries analysis, design and drafting components to provide the ultimate building design solution for both BS & Eurocode design.

Master Cad Revit
Posted on in Drafting & BIM

MasterCAD's intelligent BIM interface allows 3D models to be imported to MasterFrame and exported from MasterFrame with ease reducing time and errors.