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Ms2021 Hints Tips Fea Webinar
Posted on in Webinars
72:30 min

MasterFrame FEA Hints and Tips Webinar.
Surfaces, mesh, loading, steps, walls, rafts
Building Design Suite
PowerPad Plus
MasterFrame FEA

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Raft Cover2
Posted on in Webinars
57 min

The high degree of integration in MasterSeries allows you to analyse, design, detail and schedule your concrete ground beams, rafts and pile caps within one system.
Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how to design concrete ground beams, rafts and pile caps to Eurocode 2 using MasterSeries.

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Slab Raft Zoom1
Posted on in Analysis
67:33 Min

Complete Domestic Raft Analysis and Design Using
● MasterFrame
● MasterFrame Finite Elements
● MasterKey Concrete Slab Design
● MasterKey Concrete Beam Design

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Piled Slab Below
Posted on in Analysis
21:00 Min

Piled Concrete Slab Amalysis & Design
MasterFrame Finite Element Analysis
MasterKey Concrete Slab Design

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Posted on in Analysis
12:28 min

Analysis & Design of a Concrete Raft using MasterFrame Finite Elements & MasterKey Concrete Slab Design

Master Key Conc Slab Design1
Posted on in Webinars

MasterSeries 2020 introduces a brand new concrete slab design tool that provides an extremely powerful design workflow to interactively identify and resolve any slab failures.
Watch the recording of our Introductory Webinar and get to know the new MasterKey: Concrete Slab Design module.

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Ground Beams Rafts
Posted on in Webinars
71:01 min

Design of Ground Beams, Rafts & Pile Caps using MasterSeries 2018

Posted on in Analysis
5:01 min

How to create a Circular Opening in FEA

Posted on in Webinars
72:00 min

Webinar demonstrating how Masterseries - Designs Concrete to EuroCode 2.
Covers Beams, Columns, Pads, Frames, Transfer Slabs, Rafts, FEA

2018 01 15 16 36 33
Posted on in Analysis
65:13 Min

MasterFrame Finite Element Analysis 2014
While the menus changed in 2017, this video is still a good guide to FEA.