MasterRC: RC Detailing for AutoCAD

MasterRC: RC Detailing for AutoCAD is an AutoCAD® extension for the detailing and scheduling of reinforced concrete.


MasterRC: RC Detailing for AutoCAD is an AutoCAD® extension providing a powerful, easy-to-use, set of tools for the accurate detailing of reinforced concrete. 

Detailing to British Standard and SABS codes.

The generation of bars and labels requires minimal input, and scheduling is an immediate, error-free operation. Evolving designs are catered for by a range of editing tools, and repetitive details can be saved for reuse in later drawings and projects.

  • Labeling of rectangular, skewed, circular, uniform and variable bar sets
  • Quickly fit straight and cranked lapped bars to and between existing bars
  • No cover lines or pre-selection of bar orientation required
  • Linear, Stepped and fitted to profile varying bar groups
  • Option to define bars by input of schedule dimensions
  • Pre-processors including staircase detailing generator
  • Full range of graphical bar development methods
  • Tolerances and laps are calculated automatically
  • Labeling to suit single, groups or runs of bars
  • Labeling of series of isolated bars
  • Convert lines into Bars
  • Detailing to British Standard and SABS codes.
  • MasterRC: RC Detailing for AutoCAD requires AutoCAD® (2014-2018)
  • MasterRC: RC Detailing for AutoCAD will NOT run on AutoCAD LT®

MasterRC: RC Detailing for AutoCAD is also at the heart of the MasterSeries. MasterRC: RC Detailing for AutoCAD can import beam, column, pad, pile cap and retaining wall details directly from MasterSeries design modules. This eradicates many common detailing errors and greatly speeds up the generation of complete reinforced concrete details.

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Integrates with Concrete Design

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