MasterSeries composite structure design solutions provide state-of-the-art, fully automated structural design for traditional ​and slim-floor steel-concrete composite structures

Multi story composite structure analysis model
Composite design

MasterSeries Composite Structure Design solutions provide state-of-the-art, fully automated structural design for traditional (solid slab or metal deck profile) and slim-floor steel-concrete composite floors.

Both of our fully integrated and standalone composite design solutions offer advanced composite analysis and design for a huge variety of composite solution types and situations.

Whats' more, all the design aspects of MasterSeries use a truly interactive design approach, whereby the full detailed design report of a building component is always displayed, and instantly updated with changes to design parameters. No black boxes, and no digging for the detailed design information you require. We call this "Real-time Design", and it delivers the ultimate engineering control you need.

For detailed information, please click on one of our composite design products below.

Composite Products
MasterSeries: Building Design Suite

The ultimate 3D building design solution for all multi-material building projects.

MasterSeries: PowerPad

The essential structural analysis and design suite for small building projects. 

MasterBeam: Composite Beam Design

Design of primary, secondary, and mixed primary-secondary composite beams with or without web openings. Design to Eurocode and British Standard

MasterBeam: Composite Slimflor®

Add-on for MasterBeam: Composite Beam Design for the design of Slimflor® beams where the deck is supported on the bottom flange of the beam. Design to Eurocode and British Standard.