Drafting & Detailing

Providing exceptional levels of integration with the analysis and design process, the MasterSeries Drafting range of programs will enable you to produce high quality drafting and detailing drawings with great efficiency.

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Powerful, Seamless Integration

BIM with intelligent, revision controlled, round-trip integration with Revit Structure®, your company can benefit from all that 5D BIM technology has to offer.

Full Rebar scheduling and detailing with MasterRC for AutoCAD.

Drafting & Detailing Products
MasterSeries: BIM Integration

MasterCAD: BIM Integration permits bi-directional linking with other software packages, including Revit and AutoCAD.

MasterRC: RC Detailing for AutoCAD

RC Detailing for AutoCAD® is an application for the detailing and scheduling of reinforced concrete. Detailing to BS and SABS codes.

MasterRC: Scheduler

Automatic Reinforced Concrete Bar Scheduling to BS8666, BS4466 and SABS82

MasterSeries: Building Design Suite

The Building Design Suite brings together the core MasterSeries analysis, design and BIM software components to provide the ultimate 3D building design solution for large & medium multi-material building projects.