MasterKey: Timber Design and MasterBeam: Timber Beam Designer represent a combined package offering exceptional power and flexibility to cover all your timber design needs.

Complex Timber Frame Analysis And Design
Timber Design

MasterKey: Timber Design is a software package for the design of timber elements to both Eurocode and British Standard. Thanks to our modular system, the timber design module can operate as a piece of standalone software, or be integrated as part of a larger suite, such as MasterFrame.

MasterBeam: Timber Beam Designer is a standalone package that can be used to analyse and design a variety of timber beams, including simply supported beams, continuous beams and sub frames, with up to 16 spans. As with the MasterKey version, the design can be carried out to both Eurocode and British Standard.

All the design aspects of MasterSeries use a truly interactive design approach, whereby the full detailed design report of a building component is always displayed, and instantly updated with changes to design parameters. No black boxes, and no digging for the detailed design information you require. We call this "Real-time Design", and it delivers the ultimate engineering control you need.

Timber Products
MasterSeries: Building Design Suite

The ultimate 3D building design solution for all multi-material building projects.

MasterSeries: PowerPad

The essential structural analysis and design suite for small building projects. 

MasterKey: Timber Member Design

Independent and integrated design of timber elements to Eurocode and British Standard