Masonry Design

Fast, intuitive and advanced. Quickly design reinforced and unreinforced masonry wall panels and columns using state-of-the-art technologies. Design to British & Euro codes.

MasterKey Masonry Design provides a powerful and extremely user-friendly program for the design of reinforced and unreinforced masonry walls and columns to BS 5628 Part 1 and Part 2, EuroCode 6.1.1 and IS 325.

Utilising advanced automated yield line analysis, the comprehensive range of design features gives you the flexibility to model any type of masonry wall including single leaf or cavity walls, with wind posts, concentrated point loads, and up to TEN openings.

Design Features

  •  State-of-the-art advanced automated yield line analysis, delivering dramatically improved design efficiency in many cases of walls with openings.
  • Design for up to 10 overlapping openings
  • Include multiple wind posts.
  • Add lateral line loads at any point on the wall.
  • Concentrated vertical load analysis and design.
  • Switch between Design Codes to compare results
  • Bed-reinforcement
  • Masonry walls and columns
  • Opening span direction options.
  • Stiffened and unstiffened single-leaf and cavity walls
  • Variable support conditions, including partially fixed
  • Load bearing and infill wall panels
  • In-plane loads for Shear Walls
  • Pier in tension or compression
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  • Vertically & Laterally Loaded Cavity Wall with Openings and wind post
  • Laterally Loaded Free Standing Wall
  • Laterally Loaded Cavity Wall with Vertical Loading
  • Masonry Column
  • Internal Load Bearing Wall
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“MasterSeries Masonry is brilliant. No more dividing walls into approximate sub-panels, now we can model real world combinations of doors/windows.  Every day we are saving design time and making thinner walls work.”   

Antony Freeman, Andy Mann Structural Design Ltd

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