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Holiday Closures
Posted on in Lifestyle
MasterSeries Offices will close on 24th December 2018 at 1pm and reopen on 2nd January 2019 at 9am
Career Opportunity at MasterSeries
Posted on in Jobs
As a structural engineer, being involved in developing software that transforms how thousands of engineers work around the world is hugely rewarding. Now you too have an opportunity to play a leading role in shaping the future of MasterSeries software.
Masonry Design in the 21st Century
Posted on in Spotlight
Designing masonry walls with multiple openings has long been the bane of the structural engineer. Traditional methods of laterally loaded masonry wall analysis draw on basic yield lines from tabulated values in codes of practice. When openings are intr
New: Discrete Web Openings in MasterFrame
Posted on in New Features
An overview of one of our most anticipated recent updates.
MasterRC Pile Caps 2018
Posted on in Software Development
The latest version of MasterSeries (2018.07.02) includes an extensive upgrade to MasterRC Pile Caps.
Domestic House Extension [Case Study]
Posted on in Webinar
​Great Webinar, Case Study and Video on the design of a house extension using Only MasterSeries PowerPad Plus.
MasterSeries 2018 [Video]
Posted on in Software Development
The release of MasterSeries 2018 is on the horizon. Here's what we've got in store for you.
MasterSeries 2017 Preview
Posted on in Major Release
Our recent Webinar "MasterSeries 2017 a Preview ", was a great success. Here's some comments from attendees. "Beam referencing, great!." "The new member editor looks more powerful" "Report generator will save so much time"
3 Things you Should Know About Defining Mass for Natural Frequencies and Response Factors
Posted on in Dynamics
People want to make sure the natural frequencies of their bridges aren’t too low and the response factors of their floors or staircases aren’t too high. Key to this is the assignment of appropriate mass to the structure for the modal analysis. ...
MasterSeries 2016 Released
Posted on in Major Release
We are very pleased to announce the general release of MasterSeries 2016. This version presents a number of major enhancements.  Here are just some of the top new features.  General Update to latest .net Framework 4.6, delivering faster 64-bit performance…