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Designing complex masonry constructions with MasterSeries [Webinar]
Posted on in Masonry
Masonry construction still holds significant importance in the building industry because of its durability, versatility, and cultural significance. Although the design of masonry wall panels is still often based on traditional simplified methods, modern design methods can make significant savings in money and materials.
Case Study: Cookstown Credit Union Project [Webinar Recording]
Posted on in Connections
In this webinar, we proudly showcased the design in MasterSeries, a recent multi-storey steel framed commercial building carried out by ADD Consulting of Lurgan, Northern Ireland. We reviewed the most interesting parts of the project, the challenges they faced, and how they solved them with the help of MasterSeries.
Deflection of cantilevers in structural design software versus standard formulae
Posted on in General
An area of design that frequently leads to confusion is the calculated value of deflection for cantilevers that results from structural design software. Frequently, the deflection used is higher than obtained by doing a manual check on the deflection by utilizing standard deflection formulae taken from reference texts.
Steel Connections Optimisation with MasterSeries [Webinar Recording]
Posted on in Connections
Numerous steel connection configurations that could meet your design requirements are available. The advanced analysis and optimization tools of MasterSeries Connections Design assist you in quickly finding the most cost-effective option that meets your design and manufacturing requirements.
Holiday Closures
Posted on in General
MasterSeries Offices will close on Friday the 22nd December at 1:00 pm, and reopen on Tuesday the 2nd of January 2024.
NEW: MasterSeries Certification for Educational Institutions
Posted on in Educational
MasterSeries now offers MasterSeries Certification for institutions of higher education, such as Universities or equivalent Educational status.
MasterSeries End of Year 2023 Sale is Here: Check your Inbox!
Posted on in General
We are excited to announce MasterSeries' End of Year Sale for 2023. Whether you're a long-time user or are just now considering MasterSeries to assist you in your structural designs, we have included deals for all our customers.
Concrete Building Design from Concept to Construction [Webinar Recording]
Posted on in Webinar
Watch the recording of our webinar and get a taste of concrete building design to Eurocode 2, all within the user-friendly MasterSeries.
Automated Concrete Wall Design to Eurocode 2 [Webinar Recording]
Posted on in Webinar
With the release of the MasterSeries 2023, we have added the integrated design of shear walls to our MasterKey: Concrete Slab and Walls Design module (previously called as MasterKey: Concrete Slab Design). Watch the recording of our Introductory Webinar and get to know the new reinforced concrete wall design feature.
Which MasterSeries Licencing Option is right for you? Understanding Cloud vs Network Licences
Posted on in General
Since its introduction in 2021 the MasterSeries Cloud Licensing has revolutionised how MasterSeries can be used in different situations and scenarios . This blog post summaries the different MasterSeries licensing options available for your business, giving pros and cons for each, plus recommendations for your business.