Educational Licences for Schools and Universities

🎓 Why Choose MasterSeries Educational Suite 🎓

Created by a University Lecturer of Engineering over 35 years ago, MasterSeries is a UK based advanced and comprehensive software suite designed for Structural Engineers, and now has over 10,000 users worldwide

MasterSeries and has a longstanding commitment to supporting education and innovation in the field of Structural Engineering. By using MasterSeries, students can gain valuable hands-on experience with industry-standard software that has served the UK and Irish market and abroad, helping students be better prepared for encountering real-world challenges.

MasterSeries Structural Engineering Software offers a range of powerful tools for multi-material structural analysis, design, reporting and detailing, making it the perfect software for learning about any Structural Engineering design.

*Please be aware that MasterSeries Educational Licences are only valid for teaching purposes in schools and other educational institutions. The software is not allowed to be used for paid research, business, or professional endeavours.

*For students on their own PC, please download our dedicated MasterSeries: PowerPad (Student Edition), even if your University has an Educational Licence

Educators: Request an Educational Licence 🎓
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👨‍🎓 MasterSeries Certification👩‍🎓

As one of the UK and Ireland's leading and longest running Structural Engineering Software companies, MasterSeries has a role to play in offering a helping hand in educating the young engineers in this space on design software, to go alongside the fundamental knowledge they learn within their Educational Institution.

We would like to ensure that Students have the opportunity to graduate with skills in the latest versions of MasterSeries Structural Engineering Software which is already in place in many leading UK and Irish Structural Design offices, to assist students in every way possible for an easy transition into the workforce.

Official Certification for Your School, College or University

MasterSeries Structural Engineering Software now offers a pathway to Certification for Students within Schools, Universities and Educational Institutions.

Students can now obtain Official Recognition from MasterSeries, endorsed by their School or University and to go alongside their Qualifications, by working through some relevant short tutorials in both workshops and online sessions, designed to fit within and around the host School's Course timetable.

Application Form for MasterSeries Certification
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🎓 Commercial vs Academic Licences - What's Included?

Despite some minor amendments and restrictions on output and formats, the MasterSeries Educational Licence features all the modelling, analysis, design and output options (including BIM links) that full MasterSeries Suite has to offer.

The Education Licence features the following differences from the Commercial Licence

  • Educational Licenced MasterSeries Software can read files generated by Commercial copies of the software, but MasterSeries Educational files are encrypted, and cannot be opened in a Commercially Licenced Version.

  • Educational Licences cannot export to word.

  • Title blocks contains line "For Education use only"

  • All graphical and text print-outs include a “Non-Commercial, Educational Version" watermark

  • Softlock check outs are not permitted

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🎓 Learning Library of Resources

We have a comprehensive online library of manuals, tutorials and work-through video tutorials to help students familiarise themselves with our software.

These tutorials range from simple 2d Beam Analysis and Design, to more complex 3d Multi-Material Structures, allowing users to design to different design codes such as Eurocode, British Standards and South African building codes.

MasterSeries also incorporates guidance from specialised publications, such as those from the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) to ensure designs are made as efficient and relevant as possible to industry standards.

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🎓 Student Licences vs. Educational Licences

Our PowerPad (Student Edition) Suite and our Educational Licences are managed differently.

  • Educational Licences are for Schools with multiple students, with logins managed by a system Administrator or Educator.

    • These Licences are set up to be used on a University Computer. For students who wish to use MasterSeries outside of the University, i.e. on their Personal Computer, see below

  • Student Licences are individual software downloads, that any student can obtain even if your Institution does not have an Educational Licence. 

    • Students who are part of an Institution that has an Educational Licence, will not be able to use their University login credentials for their own Personal Computer, and should download the PowerPad (Student Edition)

If you are an individual student that is part of a school or Institute that does not have an Educational Licence, please download our Free MasterSeries: PowerPad (Student Edition) Structural Analysis and Design Software Suite.

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Who gets access? Professors and Lecturers will get access along with Students. Logins are managed by the University Administrators.

How long does a licence last? Licences will be renewed annually upon proof of University or Institutional affiliation.

Do I need any hardware? No, all licences will be managed from the cloud

Is this the same as a Student Licence? No, MasterSeries: PowerPad (Student Edition) is a FREE version of our commercial PowerPad Plus Structural Analysis and Design Software Suite, and is made for individual students that can be installed on their personal PCs.

MasterSeries Educational Licence: Application Form

MasterSeries Certification: Application Form