Retaining Walls

Design of both reinforced and unreinforced concrete and masonry gravity retaining walls to the Euro & BS codes.

MasterKey Retaining Walls Design offers the most comprehensive program available for the design of both reinforced and unreinforced concrete and masonry gravity retaining walls to Eurocode 7, BS 8002, BS 8110, CP2 IS 325 and BS 5628 Part1 and Part2. Highways design to BD 30/87 & BD37/01 is also included.

MasterKey Retaining Walls is very powerful and extremely user-friendly with a short learning curve. Its interactive nature means you can immediately see the effects of adding loads, introducing piers, ties and props, altering reinforcement or modifying the wall geometry or soil properties. MasterKey Retaining Walls provides you with full control over the design process, enabling you to optimise the wall economically with great efficiency.

Design Features

  • Design Codes: British, Irish & Eurocode design
  • Concrete retaining wall design
  • Masonry retaining wall design
  • Cavity, bed-joint and pocket reinforcement in masonry walls
  • Design to Eurocode 7, BS 8002 or CP2
  • Design to Highways BD 30/87 & BD 37/01
  • Stiffened and unstiffened walls including buttressed and counterfort walls
  • Layered soil modelling
  • Water table and horizontal surge force
  • Cohesive and granular soils
  • Sloped or stepped front and back faces
  • Upstand above top of soil
  • At rest earth pressure
  • Multiple props, ties and spring supports
  • Line loads on wall, base and embankment
  • Partial distributed surcharges 
  • ........
  • Exports DXF details
  • Exports details to MasterRC for AutoCAD  
  • Schedules using the MasterRC Scheduler 
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  • Concrete Buttress Retaining Wall with Nib, Layered Soil, Sloping back soil & Water table �
  • Reinforced Masonry Retaining Wall with Sloping back soil
  • Concrete Retaining Wall with hozizontal surcharge, multiple props & Water table
  • Steped Masonry Retaining Wall with a concrete base
  • Reinforcement details in a Concrete Retaining Wall exported to CAD as a DXF file � �
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“The MasterSeries Retaining Walls module has been a great investment. It paid for itself ten times over in the first six months of use, saving both design time and materials.”Tony Holohan, Nicholas O’Dwyer Ltd