MasterCAD: BIM Integration

MasterCAD provides MasterFrame with two distinct functions. Full 2-way BIM links with Revit Structure®, IFC®, Tekla®, MultiSteel®, StruCAD®...  and as a drawing production centre producing detailed G.A. Drawings.    

MasterCAD's intelligent BIM interface allows 3D models to be imported to MasterFrame and exported from MasterFrame with ease reducing time and errors.

Our Revit interface has full roundtrip updating of both the MasterFrame and Revit models with full conflict resolution if a member has been added, removed, or changed in both systems.    

You can generate impressive custom G.A. drawings - elevations, sections and plans of frames with very little effort and at an incredible speed.

Our MasterCAD BIM Structural Modeling software is designed as the drawing production and 3D model exchange centre of the MasterSeries, providing DXF drawings and import & export capabilities to Revit, IFC, Tekla, Xsteel, MultiSteel, StruCAD, ......


BIM exchange

  • Import & Export from 3rd party systems
  • Full 2-way round trip link with Revit Structure®
  • Bi-directional links with IFC®
  • Bi-directional links with StruCAD®
  • Bi-directional links with Multi-Steel®,
  • Bi-directional links with Tekla®,
  • Bi-directional links with 3D+®
  • Solid models exported to AutoCAD®
  • 3D Surface models exported to DXF®


  • Multiple Views
  • Sections, Plans and Elevations
  • Stick, Outline and Full-Profile drawings
  • Section Sizes
  • Stud & Mesh information for composite beams
  • Forces and Reactions for joint and foundation design
  • Multiple layers and filtering
  • DXF GA Drawings
  • 3D DXF and Solid models
  • ...............
For more information click on the Video, Brochure & Output Links above
  • MasterFrame Structural Model in Revit Structure
  • G.A. Drawings in AutoCAD (DXF export)
  • Close up of GA DXF export with section Sizes and Shear loads
  • 3D solid model in AutoCAD. (DXF Surfaces)
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