MasterSeries: Building Design Suite

The Building Design Suite brings together the core MasterSeries analysis, design and drafting software components to provide the ultimate building design solution for both BS & Eurocode design. No more of what you don’t need, everything that you do.

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The MasterSeries Building Design Suite gives you the versatility you need to design almost any type of structure in one multi-material modelling environment. Creating the perfect balance between automation and engineering control, the Building Design suite has become the software of choice for thousands of Structural Engineering professionals.

The MasterSeries Building Design Suite can be customised to suit the range of materials that are relevant to your business. You can include the design of steel elements, steel connections, composite beams, concrete or timber; all integrated into one information rich, central structural model. 

At MasterSeries we're dedicated to BIM compliance. Your models will integrate with other popular software, including Revit, Tekla, and any other package that adheres to the IFC standard.

Building Design Suite Options

No more of what you don’t need, everything that you do. Book your demo today, and see how the MasterSeries Building Design Suite can transform your business.


At the core of the MasterSeries Building Design Suite is a state of the art modelling environment comprised of MasterFrame ProMasterKey Wind Analysis and MasterCAD BIM. Here you have the flexibility to model anything from Multi-storey frames, portal frames; to the most complex sports stadia.

  • Completely automatic wind load assessment, with full coefficient of pressure calculations; all for the most complex shapes
  • Accurate 3D Structural Analysis including non-linear P-Delta, automatic Horizontal Notional Loads and Live Load Reduction
  • Full BIM I/O.  Full round trip integration with Revit using our well established MasterSeries Revit Link Manager
  • Highly sophisticated and easy to using Finite Element modelling of slabs, shear wall systems, ramps etc
  • One multi-material modelling environment for steel, composite, concrete and timber
  • Quick and easy graphical area load application of floors, roofs and walls
  • Automatic generation of load cases to British Standard and Eurocode
  • Rapid model generation using CAD style editing
Analysis Options

As well as the core modelling features, you have the option to add further advanced analysis options.

Finite Element Analysis 
Finite Element Analysis software to build structural elements such as shear walls, flat slabs and transfer slabs inside MasterFrame models.

Dynamic Analysis
Understanding the dynamic behaviour of floors, bridges, high rise buildings, sensitive laboratories and staircases. Includes full analytical response factor evaluation.

Seismic Analysis
An add-on for the dynamic module for the analysis and design of structures exposed to seismic loads.

Design Options

In the MasterSeries Building Design Suite (BDS), producing a code compliant design is a central feature of its workflow. The design features are modular, meaning you only add and pay for what you need, when you need it. 

MasterSeries BDS boasts the most extensive range of material and construction types housed under one roof. The suite is a mature, well-established system, coupled with the most technically advanced design capabilities available. Need cellular beam design to SCI P355? It's covered. Torsion design to SCI P385? Check. Composite beam design to SCI P405? Also included, along with many other NCCI documents. 

What's more, all the design aspects of the suite use a truly interactive design approach. The full detailed design report of a building component is always displayed, and instantly updated with changes to design parameters. No black boxes, and no digging for the detailed design information you require. We call this "Real-time Design", and it delivers the ultimate engineering experience.

For for detailed information on each of the design modules, follow the links below.

MasterBeam Composite Beam Design

MasterKey Steel Connection Design

MasterKey Concrete Design

MasterKey Timber Design

MasterKey Steel Design


 MasterCAD: BIM forms an integral part of the MasterSeries Building Design Suite core. The system comes BIM enabled, giving you all the tools you need to be fully inter-operable.

Drawing Facilities

  • Quickly and easily generate custom General Arrangement drawings of structural frames, including elevations, sections and plans
  • Create full RC detailed drawings of concrete beams, columns, pads; complete with matching bar schedules. Details can also be exported to the intelligent MasterRC: AutoCAD RC Detailing system
  • Include structural details such as sections sizes, mesh information, studs, forces and reactions
  • Create drawings with a variety of outlines, profiles, filters, and layers

Link Facilities

  • Carry out uni-directional and bi-directional linking with other popular software packages, including Revit Structure, AutoCAD, Tekla Structures, MultiSTEEL and StruCAD
  • Export and import a variety of files types such as DXF, DWG and IFC


The MasterSeries Building Design Suite includes a powerful and easy to use Report Generator.

The Report Generator provides you with full control over the layout and content of your design reports, allowing you to quickly and easily customise the output to your specific needs. Reports can be be created in seconds, and if changes are made, the report can be reproduced from a saved template at the click of a button.

Our engineering reports include fine-grained information on your analysis, design and graphical output, all presented in a clean document (printed, or exported to Word or PDF) with the level of detail expected of any professional report.

In addition to the generation of reports, you can also output full General Arrangement and RC Detail Drawings from the MasterSeries Building Design Suite.

Stand Alone Product

Building Design Suite requires no other software.

Part of Building Design Suite

This is the Building Design Suite.

Included in PowerPad

Not part of PowerPad.

Integrated Product

Fully Integrated Analysis & Design.

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