Pile Cap

Analysis, design, detailing and scheduling of concrete pile caps.  Design to BS & SABS codes.

MasterRC Pile Cap Designer is a structural software package providing you with a fast route to the analysis, design, detailing and scheduling of regularly shaped pile caps for 1 to 9 piles.

MasterRC Pile Cap Designer displays the design and detailing results on screen and they are updated with every key press for truly interactive structural design software.

The graphically explicit output lets you see at a glance how the pile cap is being detailed, while clear and concise calculation output provides instant evaluation of the comprehensive and accurate design. MasterRC Pile Cap Designer makes light work of the laborious task of designing and detailing pile caps, whilst providing advanced design options allowing you to maintain control over the design process.

Design Features

  • Design pile caps based on bending theory or using a truss analogy method
  • Follows the conventions established by Whittle and Beattie (Concrete, 1972)
  • Deep beams accurately designed using deep Beam Theory
  • Any steel outside the 3 diameter bands is ignored in design 
  • The truss analogy considers concrete compression
  • Design to BS 8110 & SABS 0100
  • Scheduling to BS 4466, BS 8666 or SABS 82
  • Switch between Design Codes to compare results
  • Enhanced shear stress capacity
  • .......
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  • 7-Pile PileCap with varying bars detailed
  • 2-Pile PileCap using Truss Analogy
  • Integrated Schedule
  • 2, 3 & 4 Pile PileCaps detailed in AutoCAD using the built-in DXF Export �
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