Finite Element Analysis

MasterFrame add-on. Finite Element Analysis software to build structural elements such a shear walls, flat slabs and transfer slabs inside MasterFrame models.

MasterFrame Finite Element Analysis software delivers the power of this method into the hands of the structural engineer without any of the inherent complexity. Using numerically superior 8 noded shell elements, building components such as shear walls, flat slabs and transfer slabs can be modelled with ease.

MasterFrame FE is an add-on to the standard MasterFrame structural software, thus allowing you to easily implement and gain the benefit of finite element analysis within your framed structures. The use of MasterFrame FE is incredibly simple with a very quick learning curve, particularly for those familiar with the standard MasterFrame software.

Quick and Easy FE Surface Generation

  • Multiple surface openings
  • Surface edge continuous support conditions
  • Isotropic, anisotropic and layered material types
  • Full surface area loads and any shape patch loads
  • Linear or varying line loads at any location
  • Quick surface perimeter line loads
  • Edge releases, e.g. no moment transfer from one surface to another
  • Attached structural members, e.g. beams in slab or piers/columns in a wall
  • Automatic peak smoothing
  • Clear and controllable colour contour diagrams with
  • Generate line, rectangular or circular section diagrams
  • Quickly investigate punching shear on any perimeter
  • ........................
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  • Multi-Storey Flat Slab with Shear Walls
  • Meshing and Colour Contour Analysis Results
  • Transfer Slab with Steel Super Structure and Shear Core
  • Section Diagrams of Bending Moment with Stip Averaging and Peak Smoothing �
  • RPS Consulting Engineers, Belfast
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