MasterFrame: Space Frame Analysis

Advanced structural frame analysis software for analysing everything from beams and trusses to multi-story frames and complex 3D models in any material.

3d model manager, 3DMM

MasterFrame is a state-of-the-art structural space frame analysis software program, incorporating many advanced analysis features to help you meet the increasingly strenuous and demanding requirements of modern design codes, including Eurocode and British Standard.

MasterFrame is packed full of easy-to-use, state-of-the-art, structural analysis tools and design aids. These features offer you the flexibility to accurately model any conceivable structure, as well as giving you the necessary information to seamlessly carry out integrated steel design, composite design, connection design, and concrete design using add-on design software.

MasterFrame also links to MasterCAD: BIM Integration, forming a fully integrated analysis, design and drafting structural software suite. 


MasterFrame is available in four different versions to suit a variety of budgets and requirements.

  • MasterFrame 50 members
  • MasterFramePro 500 members
  • MasterFramePro 1500 members
  • MasterFramePro Unlimited (99,999) members 

Builtin expandability - Instantly upgrade from one version to the next, for just the difference in price. 

All versions include the ability to analyse beams, trusses, 2D plane frames, 3D space frames, grillages & mixed structures.  

MasterFrame Pro adds a wealth of additional invaluable modelling and design feature, which are a must have for modelling any structure in 3D. See the Pro Only Features tab.

MasterFrame Pro Unlimited is included in the MasterSeries Building Design Suite.

  • Intelligent entity based modelling approach, meaning you let the software take care of the analytical nodes and member, leaving you to focus on the physical modelling of the structure
  • Multi material modelling of steel, composite, concrete, timber (or any user defined materiel) all in the one model
  • Analyse Beams, Trusses, Multi-storey Frames & Portal Frames all in the one environment
  • Semi-Rigid frames using Partial-fixity at bases and member-ends to reduce deflections
  • Grid-line referencing and customisable member referencing system
  • Intuitive CAD style interface for creating and editing structure
  • DXF import to create new structure
  • Automatic application of horizontal notional loading to Eurocode and British Standard
  • Automatic Load Case generator for Eurocode and British Standard
  • Torsional eccentricity for any member load
  • Live load reduction
Member Properties
  • Compound steel sections of various types, for example, I-section + channel, I-section + minor-axis I section, section + top/bottom plate
  • Built-in libraries of British, European, American, South African and Chinese sections
  • Rigid and semi-rigid diaphragm action for floor plates
  • Include shear deflection for timber and deep members
  • Steel, Concrete, Timber and User-defined sections
  • Create your own section libraries
  • Tapered and haunched members
  • Concrete encased I sections
Advanced Analytical Features
  • Second order P-Delta Newton Raphson analysis.
  • Incremental plastic analysis with option to find plastic collapse load factor.
  • Second order Tension/Compression only member analysis.
  • Buckling analysis for elastic critical load factor.
  • Spring supports and support settlements.
Pro Features

All Pro features are included in the MasterSeries Building Design Suite.

Pro Loading
  • Create one-way or two-way spanning wind loading surfaces. Automatic building envelope option to quickly generate all wind surfaces at the click of a button. These can then be automatically loaded using MasterKey: Wind Analysis
  • Add one-way or two-way floor/roof panels specifying gravity area loading and construction type
  • Line load of any shape or orientation over a general floor/roof area
  • Specify default construction type and load values per defined level
  • Patch load to a panel or over a larger floor/roof area
  • Create patterned load from all pro load types
Pro Design
  • From floor/roof panel information, the integrated design of steel/concrete composite floor beams can be carried out using MasterBeam: Composite Beam Design
  • Specify automatic design section sizing limits per group, or that the whole group use a common section size
  • Create intelligent design groups of members, giving you complete control over the automatic design process
  • Create steel connection design groups, to design a common connection for a group of joints
  • Specify common design parameters per group
Pro Reports
  • Using the report generator, you can create and save the exact report content and layout you need, including graphical, analytical and design output
  • Reports can be produced in minutes, and if a change occurs the entire report can be reproduced at the click of a button
  • Saved report layouts can be saved as a template for use in other projects
  • Built in PDF writer

The MasterSeries modular system provides seamless integration combined with all the benefits of a flexible and scalable software solution. The following modelling, design, BIM and drafting add-ons are available to extent your capability when you need it.

  • MasterKey: Wind Analysis - Add-on to MasterFrame Pro. Automatically calculates wind pressures on any building shape in minutes. Included in the MasterSeries Building Design Suite
  • MasterFrame: Finite Element - easily model slabs, walls, ramps etc. in MasterFrame using sophisticated and accurate shell elements. Design main reinforcement of slabs
  • MasterFrame: Dynamic Analysis - calculate natural frequencies, mode shapes, mass participation values, full analytical response factors to SCI P354 and Concrete Centre CCIP-016
  • MasterFrame: Seismic Analysis - Add-on to MasterFrame Dynamic Analysis to calculate and apply seismic loads to your MasterFrame model from either the sophisticated response spectrum method or simplified lateral force method
BIM and Drafting
  • MasterCAD: BIM Integration  - bi-directional round trip link to Revit, IFC export/import facilitating information exchange with almost any BIM enabled product, direct general arrangement drawing production from MasterSeries. Included in the MasterSeries Building Design Suite.
Microsoft Office Integration
  • MasterSeries: Office Tools - Export frame data and graphics to Word, as well as analysis results to Word and Excel. Included in the MasterSeries Building Design Suite.
Stand Alone Product

Operates Fully Standalone

Part of Building Design Suite

Included in Building Design Suite Core system

Included in PowerPad

Limited version included in PowerPad

Integrated Product

Integrates with Steel, Concrete, Composite, Timber & Connection Design

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