Seismic Analysis

This product is an add-on to the dynamic module. With it the user can quickly and easily determine how their structure is behaving under seismic loads, and analyse and design the structure for these loads.

The seismic add-on offers two types of seismic analysis- Response spectrum analysis and lateral force methods of analysis. Response spectrum analysis uses the modes and natural frequencies from the modal analysis to determine member end forces due to the seismic accelerations. Once found these forces can be imported back into a standard MasterSeries load case and analysed.

The lateral force method is implemented in MasterFrame and offers a variety of codified options, from which a percentage of a static load case is calculated and applied horizontally at a specified angle. Both seismic methods of analysis can be performed according to EC8, UBC or IBC building codes.

  • Response spectrum analysis options
  • Response spectrum analysis screen
  • Importing results to MasterFrame
  • Lateral force method options
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