Wind Analysis

3D Model Manager add-on. Makes light work of applying wind loading to any structure.

MasterKey Wind Analysis is the structural software every engineer has been looking for to dramatically reduce the burden of wind application to BS 6399 Pt 2, making the accurate application of wind loads a very simple and virtually automated task. You will soon find that it has more than paid for itself.

MasterKey Wind Analysis used in conjunction with the 3D Model Manager structural software makes light work of the complex task of applying wind loading to any structure, complete with full wind zoning and calculation of Cpe values for absolutely any wind direction.

Complete Wind Loading in a Few Simple Steps

With MasterKey Wind Analysis you can reduce the time-consuming process of calculating and applying wind loads on a building to a few simple steps as follows:

  1. Specify the wind directions you want to consider, i.e. 0, 30, 45, 90 degrees etc
  2. Using the MasterFrame Pro, set the main bracing members into wind diagonal groups
  3. Automatically generate wind panels using the MasterFrame Pro software
  4. At this stage all Cpe and zoning values are automatically determined 
  5. Establish the wind pressure by simply picking your building location from the built-in GB & Ireland O.S. location maps, or input your Grid Reference   
  6. Basic site information for anywhere else in the world can be added to the libraries
  7. Your wind loading application is now complete!
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  • Automatically Calculated Colour Coded Wind Zoning
  • Wind Site Selection
  • Automatically Calculated Colour Coded Wind Zoning
  • Wind Loading with Wind Zoning Labels
  • Wind Loading with Wind Cpe Values Labeled
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