Dynamic Analysis

The dynamic analysis is a MasterFrame add-on. As structures become more efficient and lighter, it becomes more important to understand their dynamic behaviour. Floors, bridges, high rise buildings, sensitive laboratories and staircases are just some of the structures that often require additional dynamic checks and design. Read on to find out how MasterSeries can help you with with dynamics problems.

The MasterFrame Dynamic Analysis module is a piece of state-of-the-art structural software, which can be used to investigate: natural frequencies, mode shapes, displacements, velocities and accelerations, stresses, response factors, vibration dose values, resulting from dynamic loading and vibration.

The analysis is based on modal superposition, which will calculate some or all the natural frequencies and mode shapes associated with the many modes of vibration of a structure.

The mode shapes can then be used in the following types of analysis:
Force-Time Profile, Steady State and Floor Vibration design...

Analysis Features

A rigorous analysis method is essential to enable the accurate investigation of the dynamic behaviour of our structures today. The program incorporates the most up to date dynamic analysis technology. Optimised for 64bit machines and using of intel multi-core processiong technology, the MasterSeries Dynamics module provides you with the facility to perform quick and accurate modal analysis aswell as force function or steady state response analysis and floor vibration design.

  • Analysis runs on an external process, allowing both 32bit and 64bit machines to capture large amounts of memory.
  • 64bit machines could theoretically analyse frames with hundereds of thousands of degrees of freedom.
  • Use 3 dimensional modal analysis for a complete picture of how your model will move
  • Use 2 dimensional modal analysis to reduce memory requirements where possible
  • Reduce analysis time and memory requirements by calculating and using only a selection of natural frequencies and mode shapes
  • Total mass participation in each axis and mass participation for each mode, lets you know when you have enough mode shapes and which ones are important
  • Use load groups set up in MasterFrame to apply mass to your structure for dynamic analysis
  • Define a structural damping factor
  • Apply forces that vary over time and record how your structure reacts: blasts, wind gusts, moving loads...
  • Steady state analysis: apply periodic loads at specified frequencies and phasesto simulate machinery vibration
  • Node-Watch: (Pick a Node and direction and see a graph of its displacement, velocity and acceleration over time)
  • RMS displacement, velocity and acceleration over a particular time period for any node in any direction.
  • Snap-Shot: Record a snapshot of the displacements in your model at any time and send this info back to MasterSeries for use in static analysis and member design
  • Floor Vibration Design: Response Factor, Critical Frequency, RMS Acceleration and RMS Veloctity to SCI P354 Floor Vibration and Concrete Society method.
For more information click on the Video, Brochure & Output Links above
  • Tower Vibration Mode Shape
  • Mode Shapes and Natural frequencies of a larger structure
  • Load group factors for mass
  • Steady state response of a bridge deck
  • Mode shape of a grillage
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