MasterFrame: Finite Element Analysis

MasterFrame Finite Element Analysis module combines the power of MasterFrame with the Finite Element Analysis method to significantly expand your analysis and design capabilities


The MasterFrame: Finite Element Analysis module is an add-on module for MasterFrame to significantly enhance the analysis capabilities of MasterFrame.

Displacement result from finite element analysis

The Finite Element Analysis method allows you to model surfaces such as slabs and walls using finite elements, thus allowing the analysis of surfaces structural elements even with highly complex geometries and multiple openings. FE surfaces can be modelled and analysed either independently or combined with the traditional line elements of MasterFrame, allowing for the analysis of complex, multi-material structures in a single model, incorporating gravity, lateral and wind loading.

MasterFrame: Finite Element Analysis is the ideal software tool to model and analysis walls, slabs, transfer slabs, shear cores, rafts, basements etc.

  • The use of 8-noded quadrilateral finite elements ensures a high level of numerical accuracy in the analysis
  • Full range of area, patch and line loads, including varying area load allows the modelling of complex loading conditions quickly and effectively
  • User defined material properties allow a wide range of structural materials, such as Isotropic, Orthotropic, Layered or Ribbed, to be analysed, not restricting the user to modelling and analysing concrete slabs
  • Beams and/or columns can be set up as attached members allowing for the inclusion of the stiffness of these elements in the analysis results
  • Full integration with MasterFrame allows loads from line elements to be automatically transferred to the Finite Element surfaces
  • Automatic mesh generation allows the software to quickly generate the FE mesh, but the ability to vary the mesh intensity in local areas allows the user to retain control of the mesh in areas of interest to ensure the accuracy of results

MasterFrame: Finite Element Analysis returns a wide range of analysis outputs which allows the engineer to accurately assess the stresses and forces in the whole, or part of, any finite element surfaces. This is done through the use of both user controlled contour plots and section diagrams.

The forces results include:

  • Membrane force, shears and bending moments
  • Displacements
  • Wood & Armer moments
  • Spring support reaction

Stress outputs include:

  • axial and shear stresses
  • other advanced stress results such as von-Mises, Tresca, Drucker-Prager and Mohr-Coloumb yield criteria

Contour outputs can be displayed as a flat output or 3D contour plot. This enables you to not only see the 2-dimensional distribution of results, but the 3D plot enables the user to inspect the rate of change of the results in the key areas. The number of contours and contour values can be specified by the user. 2D contour plots can be exported as a DXF plot.

Finite element analysis result with 3D visualisation

Section diagrams include line diagrams, rectangular and circular perimeters. Section diagrams are fully user defined and can be used to show any force, moment, displacement or stress results.

User defined section result diagram on a finite element surface

The combination of contour and section diagrams enables you to interpret and fully interrogate the analysis results in detail. This enables you to understand in detail the behaviour of your structure.

Slab reinforcement

Using the surface analysis results, for slabs, MasterFrame: Finite Element Analysis is able to calculate the required reinforcement areas in the principal directions to Eurocode 2, BS 8110 or SABS 0100.

3D multi-story concrete building slab reinforcement calculation

Using the colour contour lines output option, the graphical results, with the required reinforcement zones, can be exported to DXF for further detailing.

Required slab reinforcement acc. to the Eurocode 2

The results key's levels and the reinforcement zones can be adjusted to the common reinforcement meshes.

Stand Alone Product

Requires MasterFrame

Part of Building Design Suite

Available as a Building Design Suite Analysis Add-on

Included in PowerPad

Not included in PowerPad but can be added

Integrated Product

Integrates with MasterFrame, PowerPad and Building Design Suite

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