MasterFrame: Seismic Analysis

This product is an add-on to the dynamic module. With it the user can quickly and easily determine how their structure is behaving under seismic loads, and analyse and design the structure for these loads.


The MasterSeries Seismic Analysis module allows you to employ various methods of seismic analysis with standard Masterframe models. This allows you to integrate the seismic analysis and design with the design other elements in your structure, within a single model. 

Since the seismic analysis is not material dependent, the same methods can be used for single or multi-material structures. Seismic analysis and design can also be carried out on models that feature finite element surfaces.

Integration with Masterframe allows the response spectrum analysis results to be used as part your defined load cases. By merging the results into your load cases, you can include the effects of the seismic design in the structural design of your structure.

  • Define time dependent base accelerations, and determine model forces for inclusion in structural design
  • Choose between response spectra design, or the lateral force method for Eurocode 8 analysis and design
  • Incorporate seismic analysis and design into Masterframe analysis
  • Analyse and design to Eurocode 8, IBC 2012/ASCE 7, or UBC 1997
Design Codes

The Seismic Analysis modules allow you to design your structures in compliance with the following national and international design codes:

  • International Building Code IBC 2012 / American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE 7
  • Uniform Building Code, UBC 1997
  • Eurocode 8
Stand Alone Product

Requires MasterFrame & Dynamic Analysis

Part of Building Design Suite

Available as a Building Design Suite Analysis Add-on

Included in PowerPad

Not included in PowerPad but can be added

Integrated Product

Integrates with MasterFrame & Dynamic Analysis

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