Steel Beam Designer

Interactive analysis & design of simple, cantilever & continuous steel beams and sub frames. Design to the BS, Euro & SABS codes.

MasterKey Steel Beam Designer is specialist structural software providing analysis and design of simple & continuous beams, cantilevers and sub frames with up to 16 spans to EuroCode 3, BS 5950 or SABS 0162.

MasterBeam Steel Beam Designer is designed as a complementary, alternative, software tool to using the full power of MasterFrame and MasterKey Steel to design cantilever, simple & continuous beams and sub frames. The degree of integration, simplicity of input and speed of design make MasterBeam Steel Beam Designer the ideal software tool for the infrequent user. The truly interactive nature of MasterBeam Steel Beam Designer also makes it the ideal software tool for teaching Structural Engineering.


  • Interactive, Dynamic Analysis
  • Interactive, Dynamic Design
  • Switch between Design Codes to compare results
  • Change an input value and the Analysis & Design dynamically update
  • Minor Axis Bending
  • Beam & Beam-Portion
  • Appendix G stability
  • ......

Free Versions

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  • Single Propped Cantilver Beam with Point Loads and Varying Loads
  • Multi-Span Steel Beam with Partial Fixity to Supporting Coulmns
  • Continuous Span Steel Beam with Appendix G Stability Checks
  • Axail with Moment Steel design with Points of Intermediate Lateral Restraint
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