MasterBeam: Concrete Continuous Beam Designer

Interactive analysis, design & detailing of simple, cantilever & continuous Concrete Beams to BS 8110, Eurocode 2 or SABS 0100.


Standalone module, requiring no other MasterSeries modules

MasterBeam: Concrete Continuous Beam Designer is specialist structural software providing analysis, design, detailing and scheduling of concrete continuous beams.

The degree of integration, simplicity of input and speed of design make MasterBeam: Concrete Continuous Beam Designer the ideal software tool for the infrequent user.

The truly interactive nature of MasterBeam: Concrete Continuous Beam Designer also makes it the ideal software tool for teaching Structural Engineering.

Analysis Features
  • Fully Interactive Analysis with results updating as you edit
  • Continuous beams with up to 16 Spans
  • Design to EC 2, BS 8110 & SABS 0100
  • Automatic Load patterns
  • Simply supported beams
  • Cantilevers
  • Sub Frames
  • Flange loaded inverted T and L beams at design time
  • Uniform, Partial, Varying and Point Loads
  • Interactive Redistribution at design time
  • Rectangular
  • Tee-Beams
  • L-Beams
  • Square
  • Slabs
  • Interactively Move Supports and see reactions and moments updated, for optimum support location.
  • Interactively Move Loads and see the effect, for optimum load location.
  • Split Spans with no re-inputting of loads
Design Features
  • Manual, Interactive, adjusting of bar sizes, Lengths and positions to optimise your design
  • Fully Interactive Design with capacities updating as you edit
  • Full scheduling using the built in MasterRC Scheduler
  • In EuroCode design, apply your own NAD values
  • Design as Slab with no Links and bar centres
  • Scheduling to BS 4466, BS 8666 or SABS 82
  • Automatic design based on your parameters
  • 2 bar groups per layer eg 2-B25 + 1-B20
  • Enhanced shear design near supports
  • Design to EC 2, BS 8110 & SABS 0100
  • Full detailing to Printer or PDF
  • 1-4 layers of rebar top & bottom
  • Multiple Curtailment methods
  • 7 shear zones for big beams
  • Interactive Redistribution
  • Full detailing to DXF file

MasterSeries has 3 different Modules for concrete beam design as follows:

  1. MasterBeam: Concrete Single Beam Designer Free Version - Simple 1 span beams
  2. MasterBeam: Concrete Continuous Beam Designer - Simple 1 to 16 span continuous beams and sub Frames
  3. MasterKey: Concrete Beam Design - Requires MasterFrame & Designs concrete beams in any 2D or 3D MasterFrame structure

MasterBeam Concrete Continuous Beam Designer is designed as a complementary, alternative, software tool to using the full power of MasterFrame and MasterKey Concrete to design simple continuous beams and sub frames.

Stand Alone Product

Operates Fully Standalone

Part of Building Design Suite

Not part of the Building Design Suite

Included in PowerPad

Limited version included in PowerPad

Integrated Product

Operates Fully Standalone Only

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