MasterPort Plus

Advanced analysis and design of elastic-plastic 3D portal frames & ancillary steelwork. Design to BS, Euro & SABS codes.

MasterPort Plus is a new and innovative approach to the generation, analysis and design of elastic-plastic portal frames. The software provides a complete management system where all Structural aspects of a 3D portal frame building design can be considered with ease.

Using a range of comprehensive generation tools, MasterPort Plus enables you to model & design almost any portal frame structure in minutes.


  • Fast and Easy Portal Frame Modelling for multi bay, props, lean-tos, mezzanine floors, parapets, canopies and much more
  • Crane loading generation
  • Automatic Wind and Snow Loading
  • One Click 3D Portal Frame generation
  • Intelligent design management of portal members, gable members, bracing components etc.
  • Automatic member sizing and positioning of purlins, side rails and torsional restraints

Optional Add-ons

MasterCAD: BIM for Portal Frames

  • generation of full portal frame G.A. and 3D Model drawing in an instant
  • Full BIM integration with Revit, Tekla & IFC compatible systems


MasterKey: Moment Connections

  • Eaves, Apex, Base-Plates and Beam & Column Splice Connections 


MasterKey: Pad Foundations

  • Full pad Design with Bearing, Sliding, Bending & Punching design checks



In the brochure, MasterPort Plus incorrectly lists MasterCAD as included. MasterCAD is an add-on module.    

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  • Superb Graphical Presnetation with Walk Through features
  • Automatic Wind Loading Generation
  • Autoamtic Snow Loading Generation
  • Intelligent and Managed Automatic Design with full User Control
  • Mezzanine Floor Loading Diagram
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