MasterCAD: BIM Integration

MasterCAD: BIM Integration permits bi-directional model exchange with other software packages, including Revit, Tekla Structures and AutoCAD.


Take advantage of the latest BIM technologies and interoperability with MasterCAD: BIM. Our intelligent BIM interface provides engineers with the tools to take their 3D modelling to the next level.

Adding MasterCAD: BIM to your MasterSeries package will enable you to enhance every aspect of a projects development, from planning and design, to construction. MasterCAD:BIM adds two main features to your MasterSeries package: drawing facilities and bi-directional model exchange facilities.

Drawing Facilities

Drawing facilities include the ability to produce General Arrangement drawings of structural frames, from a variety of perspectives, structural details and layers.

BIM links

BIM facilities allow MasterSeries to hook into a variety of other software packages for the creation of intelligent 3D models through bi-directional model exchange.


Drawing Facilities

  • Quickly and easily generate custom General Arrangement drawings of structural frames, including elevations, sections and plans.
  • Create drawings with a variety of outlines, profiles, filters, and layers.
  • Include structural details such as sections sizes, mesh information, studs, forces and reactions.

BIM Link Facilities

  • Carry out uni-directional and bi-directional linking with other popular software packages, including Revit Structure, AutoCAD, Tekla Structures, MultiSTEEL, StruCAD, and 3D+.
  • Export and import a variety of files types such as IFC ,DXF or DWG.

MasterSeries BIM capabilities

Revit Link

Uni and Bi-Directional Linking

MasterSeries' Revit Link allows for uni-directional and bi-directional linking of 3D entity-based models. It comes packed and ready to go with Revit's out-of-the-box Families, as well as 32 custom MasterSeries Families that include built-up beams, double sections, haunches, and secondary members.

Include Custom Families

MasterSeries also allows you to include any of your own custom-built Families in the the uni and bi-directional link. By using the Family Mapping Database, you can add a variety of section types across three different material types (concrete, steel and timber). For materials that don't quite fit into these categories, you can add a User Section based on the section's mechanical properties.

Review and Refine Imports

The bi-directional model exchange provides you with the opportunity to review and refine the export/import process between MasterSeries and Revit. With each successive update of the model, you'll be presented with a list of changes, including details of changes to section sizes, member positions, and any clashes between the Revit model, and the MasterSeries model. You can then decide which changes to keep, and which changes to discard.

Specify Default Sections

Default sections can be specified for every type of section and every type of material. Default sections can also be tied to a specific version of Revit. For example, if a particular I-section is only available with version Revit 2016 and beyond, you can tell the software to only apply this default section when using Revit 2016 and above.

Access Databases Remotely

For larger organisations, the Revit Link databases can be hooked up to an SQL Server to which staff can remotely connect to. This allows company-wide control over mapped sections for the adding, removing and updating of Families, ensuring all work will be carried out to the same standard.

Stand Alone Product

Requires: MasterFrame, MasterPort, PowerPad and Building Design Suite

Part of Building Design Suite

Included in Building Design Suite core system

Included in PowerPad

Not included with PowerPad but can be added

Integrated Product

Integrates with: MasterFrame, MasterPort, PowerPad and Building Design Suite

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