MasterKey: Moment & Simple Connections

The UK's two leading software programs for the design of Structural Steel Connections.
Design Connections in Portal and Multi-Storey frames to Eurocode 3 and BS 5950 with ease.

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MasterKey Moment & Simple Connections are the UK's two leading software programs for the design of structural steel connections. The powerful editing facilities and the optional automatic design, enable the software to design and draft multi-story and portal frame connections with maximum speed, economy, and accuracy.

The software's user-friendly graphical input enables rapid optimisation of the structural design under the full control of the Engineer. Quickly review existing steel connections and automatically or interactively design new connections.

MasterSeries Fully integrated steel connection design within the 3D frame analysis

MasterKey Moment & Simple Connections function fully as standalone or integrated software packages. In standalone mode, joints are designed based on user entered geometry and forces.  Running inside MasterFrame or MasterPort in integrated mode, these values are seamlessly transferred from the analysis model giving you maximum speed, economy, and accuracy as well as the flexibility of design

  • Save Design time
  • Save Fabrication time
  • Save money
"MasterSeries is the best, and easiest to use Connection Design software on the market"
Ian Gutteridge, SDS Steel Design Services Ltd
Moment Connections

MasterKey Moment Connections is Software for the design of moment connections in both Portal Frames and Multi-Storey Frames. MasterKey Moment Connections operates in both standalone mode or integrated with MasterFrame or MasterPort. 

Connection Types

  • Eaves type 'beam-to-column flange' connections
  • Stiffened and un-stiffened column base plates
  • Apex type 'beam-to-beam' connections 
  • Hollow section splice connections
  • Column splice connections
  • Beam splice connections

New in MasterSeries 2019

  • Column over/under beam (bolted or welded)
  • Fully welded 'beam-to-column flange' connections

Simple Connections

MasterKey Simple Connections is Software for the design of simple, pinned, connections in both Multi-Storey Frames and Portal Frames. MasterKey Simple Connections operates in both standalone mode or integrated with MasterFrame or MasterPort. 

Connection Types

  • Slab Base-Plate (concentric axial loaded bases)
  • Beam to column Flexible end-plate connections
  • Beam to beam Flexible end-plate connections
  • Beam to Column Angle Cleat connections
  • Beam to Beam Angle Cleat connections
  • Beam to column Fin-plate connections
  • Beam to beam Fin-plate connections

New in MasterSeries 2019

  • Vertical Bracing to Column connections
  • Vertical Bracing to Beam connections
  • Vertical Bracing to Column Base-Plate connections
  • Horizontal Bracing to Beam connections
MasterKey: Simple Connections - Bracing connection types
Design Codes

MasterKey Moment & Simple Connections software includes design to both Eurocode and British Standard, allowing you to switch between codes as required.

  • UK National Annex to Eurocode 3 Part 1-8 (you can easly add your own national annex data)
  • SCI P398 Joints in steel construction: Moment-Resisting Joints to Eurocode 3
  • SCI P358 Joints in steel construction: Simple Joints to Eurocode
  • BS EN1993-1-8:2005 Eurocode 3: Part 1-8: Design of Joints  
British Standard
  • SCI P207/95 Joints in steel construction: Moment Connections
  • SCI P212 Joints in steel construction: Simple Connections
  • BS 5950-1: 2000

The Following Newer Joint Types Only design to EuroCode 3

  • Vertical Bracing to Column connections
  • Vertical Bracing to Beam connections
  • Vertical Bracing to Column Base-Plate connections
  • Horizontal Bracing to Beam connections
Profile Libraries

MasterKey Moment & Simple Connections contain inbuilt libraries of

  • You can create your own section libraries and share them
  • Generate and re-size one-off I-sections at design time
  • South African sections
  • American sections
  • European sections
  • Chinese sections
  • British sections

MasterKey Moment & Simple Connections output to PDF, any Windows printer, as well as DXF drawings of all the details. Users of PowerPad, Building Design Suite or Office Tools, can also export results directly to Microsoft Word. 


Stand Alone Product

Available as a standalone module with full design functionality.

Part of Building Design Suite

Available as a design add-on module.

Included in PowerPad

Limited version included in PowerPad.

Integrated Product

Integrates with MasterFrame & MasterPort for error-free results transfer.

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