MasterKey: Concrete Design

Integrated design of Concrete Beams, Columns and Pad Foundations in MasterFrame and MasterPort Structures. Design to Eurocode, British Standard, and SABS.


MasterKey: Concrete Design is a suite of 3 modules for the interactive dynamic design of concrete beams, one-way slabs, columns and pad foundations in structures analysed using MasterFrame, or MasterPort. The degree of integration and interaction during design allow the Engineer sculpt their design to their needs.

This integration removes input errors, and allows you to check against all the loading cases developed by modern codes of practice in minutes.

Design to Eurocode 2, BS 8110, and SABS 0100 with the ability to switch between, and compare results at the click of a button. 

Beams & Slabs

MasterKey: Concrete Beams enables the Engineer to detail as part of the design process, thus integrating the analysis, design, detailing and drafting into a single operation. 

As the element is detailed the software automatically checks the proposed cage of reinforcement against the structural design requirements of EuroCode 2, BS 8110 or SABS 0100. Non-compliance is graphically highlighted on the screen enabling the structural Engineer to interactively change the reinforcement accordingly.

  • Rectangular Slabs without shear reinforcement  
  • Rectangular, Square and T & L-shaped beams
  • Flange loaded inverted T & L-shaped beams
  • Multiple bar layers and curtailment zones
  • Dimensional Checks for code compliance
  • Full Torsional design
  • Up to 7 Shear zones

Note: MasterKey: Concrete Beams should not be confused with the simpler, MasterBeam: Concrete Continuous Beam Designer for simple continuous beams.  MasterKey: Concrete Beams designs beams in 2D and 3D frames. 

  • Detailing to include Splice or cranked bars and kickers
  • Rectangular, Square and Circular Columns
  • Stand alone Column designer included
  • Different Major, Minor & Corner Bars
  • Braced & Unbraced frames
  • Slender & Short Columns
  • Full Bi-Axial design
  • Concrete tension considered in uplift
  • Bi-Axial moment with partial uplift
  • Stand alone Pad designer included
  • Detailed punching shear checks
  • Bi-Axial Eccentric Columns
  • Rectangular & Square Pads
  • Bi-Axial Loaded Pads
  • Mass Concrete Bases
  • Column Starter Bars
  • Full Uplift Design

MasterKey: Concrete Design outputs to PDF, any windows printer as well as DXF drawings of all the details.
Users of PowerPad, Building Design Suite or Office Tools, can also export results directly to Microsoft Word. (Word not supplied)

  • Scheduling to BS 4466, BS 8666, or SABS 82, using the built in MasterRC Scheduler
  • Full detailing to Printer or DXF file
  • Selectable Printer or DXF file
  • Export to MasterRC
Example Output
Stand Alone Product

Limited Functionality

Part of Building Design Suite

Available as a Building Design Suite Analysis Add-on.

Included in PowerPad

Limited version included in PowerPad

Integrated Product

Integrates with, MasterFrame, MasterPort, PowerPad and Building Design Suite.

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