MasterPort: Portal Frames

Advanced analysis and design of elastic-plastic 2D portal frames. Design to Eurocode, British Standard and SABS.


Analysis and design of elastic-plastic 2D portal frames. Design to Eurocode, British Standard, and SABS.

MasterPort contains many of the fundamental elastic-plastic analysis and design components found in MasterPort Plus, enabling you to automatically generate and design a wide variety of plane portal frames.

MasterPort is a portal frame design system aimed at people who do not design portal frames on a regular basis and therefore cannot justify the cost of the full MasterPort Plus. MasterPort can also be seen as a stepping stone to MasterPort Plus, with the full cost of MasterPort being discounted in the upgrade price.

  • Multi-bay portal frames, cranes, mezzanine floors, props, mono-pitches and lean-tos, parapets and canopies, mansard rafters, stepped column heights
  • Automatic positioning of purlins, side rails and torsional restraints
  • Fast and economic automatic elastic-plastic member sizing
  • Varying base fixity (0, 10, 20%) in different loading cases
  • Sway stability, snap-through and fire boundary checks
  • Crane loading generation

You can print MasterPort Lite output calculations and graphics to any Windows printer and to PDF. Users of PowerPad, or Office Tools, can also export results directly to Microsoft Word.

Sample output: View PDF

PowerPad Limits

Create 1 to 3 bay portal frames (15 members) and analyse them as elastic, or plastic. You can also account for all the other features of Masterport Lite.

The PowerPad version can be upgraded to full MasterPort Lite with unlimited number of members, or to the full MasterPort Plus to allow analysis and design of 3D portal buildings.

Stand Alone Product

Requires MasterFrame & Steel Design

Part of Building Design Suite

Not Part of Building Design Suite

Included in PowerPad

Member Limited Version Included in PowerPad

Integrated Product

Integrates with MasterFrame & Steel, Concrete & Connection Design

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