MasterBeam: Composite Slimflor®

Add-on for MasterBeam: Composite Beam Design for the design of Slimflor® beams where the deck is supported on the bottom flange of the beam. Design to Eurocode and British Standard.


MasterBeam Composite Slimflor® considers a wide range of design situations where metal decking, or precast concrete units, are supported on the bottom flange of the beam. The design can be carried out to both Eurocode, or British Standard.

Composite Slimfloor construction

MasterBeam Composite Slimflor® is is an add-on for MasterBeam: Composite beams and it can be integrated into a larger software suite, such as Building Design Suite as well. MasterBeam Composite Slimflor® will allow you to easily make the switch from standard composite design to this increasingly popular method of construction.

Composite Slimflor® is an add-on to MasterBeam: Composite Beams.

Design Features
  • When using precast units you can select the number of construction stage lateral beam restraints
  • Design UB/UC's with a bottom plate, ASB sections, or user-defined built-up sections
  • Design shear connection using a textured top flange and no shear studs
  • Include the number of construction stage vertical slab props
  • Design using solid, or hollow core precast concrete units
  • Advanced construction stage torsion design checks
  • Switch between design codes to compare results
  • Option for non-composite analysis and design
  • Design for non-composite encased sections
  • Comprehensive range of Slimflor® design
  • Design using deep metal decking
Design Codes

MasterBeam Slimflor® Design provides a powerful and extremely user-friendly program for the design of secondary composite Slimflor® beams to:

  • British Standard BS 5950-3
  • Eurocode EN 1994-1-1
  • Relevant Eurocode NCCI documents
  • Relevant SCI publications

You can print MasterBeam Slimfloor® Design output calculations and graphics to any Windows printer and to PDF. Users of Building Design Suite or Office Tools, can also export results directly to Microsoft Word.

MasterBeam: Composite Slimfloor engineering report

Sample Output: View PDF

Stand Alone Product

Requires MasterBeam: Composite Beam Design

Part of Building Design Suite

Available as a Building Design Suite Design Add-on.

Included in PowerPad

Not available in PowerPad

Integrated Product

Integrates with Building Design Suite

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