MasterKey: Retaining Wall Design

Design of both reinforced and unreinforced concrete and masonry gravity retaining walls with complex soil environment to the Eurocode, British Standard and to other international standards.


MasterSeries: Retaining Walls offers the most comprehensive program available for the design of both reinforced and unreinforced concrete and masonry retaining walls. Its interactive and user-friendly nature means you can immediately see the effects of adding loads, introducing piers, ties and props, altering reinforcement, or modifying the wall geometry, or soil properties.

Concrete retaining wall with masonry cladding

You can design to the Eurocode, British Standard and to other international standards.

MasterSeries: Retaining Walls provides you with full control over the design process, enabling you to optimise the wall design with ease.

Design Features
  • Stiffened and unstiffened walls including buttressed and counterfort walls
  • Cavity, bed-joint and pocket reinforcement in masonry walls
  • Stepoc© concrete-filled hollow-block wall design
  • Design Codes: British, Irish & Eurocode design
  • Design to Highways BD 30/87 and BD 37/01
  • Exports details to MasterRC for AutoCAD®
  • Line loads on wall, base and embankment
  • Schedules using the MasterRC Scheduler
  • Multiple props, ties and spring supports
  • Sloped or stepped front and back faces
  • Water table and horizontal surge force
  • Design to Eurocode 7, BS 8002 or CP2
  • Concrete retaining wall design
  • Partial distributed surcharges
  • Masonry retaining wall design
  • Cohesive and granular soils
  • Upstand above top of soil
  • Layered soil modelling
  • At rest earth pressure
  • Exports DXF details
Design Codes

Using MasterSeries: Retaining Walls, you can design to the following codes

  • British Standard: BS 8002, BS 8110, BS 5628 Pts 1 and 2
  • BD 30/87 and BD 37/01 (Highways)
  • Eurocode: EC7, EC2 and EC6
  • Irish Standard: IS 325
  • CP2

You can print MasterSeries: Retaining Walls output calcs, graphics and bar bending schedules to any Windows printer and PDF. Users of PowerPad, the Building Design Suite, or Office Tools, can also export results directly to Microsoft Word.

Export reinforced concrete details to DXF and MasterRC drawing for AutoCAD®.

Stand Alone Product

Operates Fully Standalone

Part of Building Design Suite

Not part of the Building Design Suite

Included in PowerPad

Limited version included in PowerPad

Integrated Product

Operates Fully Standalone only

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