MasterBeam: Composite Beam Design

Design of primary, secondary, and mixed primary-secondary composite beams with or without web openings. Design to Eurocode and British Standard.

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MasterBeam: Composite Beam Design provides a powerful and extremely user friendly program for the design of primary, secondary and mixed primary-secondary composite beams with or without web openings.

Composite beams with web openings

Due to the many advanced design features, this program has become the UK industry standard for composite beam design. Used in conjunction with MasterSeries Building Design Suite, MasterBeam: Composite Beam allows you to interactively design a whole frame by integrating directly with the frame model. Combined with intelligent automatic design, an entire building's composite floor beams can be controllably optimised in seconds.

Some features included:

  • In-built manufacturer libraries for steel studs and decking
  • Design and optimization of steel profiles, studs and transverse reinforcement per Eurocode and British Standard
  • Web openings, with or without stiffeners
  • Serviceability checks for both construction and composite stages
  • Floor vibration analysis

Fully integrated composite beam design

Design Features
Automatic Design
  • Define a basic transverse reinforcement mesh, and allow the auto design to determine additional where needed
  • Control automatic sizing through section size limits, stud spacing limits and transverse reinforcement limits
  • Automatic Design of optimum section size, shear stud and transverse reinforcement combination
  • Auto design & sizing of built-up I-sections with user control over section and plate aspect ratio
Extensive Range of Design 
  • The steel section can be a rolled I-Section, a rolled channel or a built-up symmetrical or asymmetrical I-section
  • In-built libraries of British, European, American, South African & Chinese sections
  • Design using solid slabs or metal deck profiles from the inbuilt extensible library
  • Web openings, with or without stiffeners designed to the latest SCI P355
  • Design using precast hollow core slabs in accordance with SCI P401
  • Option for non-composite analysis and design
  • Create your own section libraries
  • Combined primary-secondary beams
  • Propped or unpropped design
  • Notched supports
Advanced Design Features
  • Incorporates up to date guidance on shear connection rules from SCI P405
  • Full analytical calculation of additional deflection due to web openings
  • Torsion design with construction stage precast hollow core slabs
  • Natural frequency checks
Design Codes

MasterBeam: Composite Beam Design provides a powerful and extremely user-friendly program for the design of primary and secondary composite beams to:

  • British Standard BS 5950-3 + A1
  • Eurocode EN 1994-1-1
  • Relevant EC NCCI documents
  • Relevant SCI Publications

You can print MasterBeam: Composite Design output calculations and graphics to any Windows printer and to PDF. Users of PowerPad, Building Design Suite or Office Tools, can also export results directly to Microsoft Word.

MasterBeam: Composite Beam Design output

Sample output: View PDF

Add-on module

MasterBeam: Slimflor® Design is an add-on for MasterBeam: Composite beams for the design of Slimflor® beams where the deck is supported on the bottom flange of the beam.

Slimflor® composite beam design

PowerPad Limits

PowerPad and PowerPad Plus include limited MasterBeam: Composite Beam Design as a standalone for the analysis and design of standard internal beams, secondary edge beams, and primary beams with a central transverse beam, or two transverse beams at third points.

Stand Alone Product

Available as a Standalone

Part of Building Design Suite

Fully integrated into the Building Design Suite

Included in PowerPad

Limited Standalone version included in PowerPad

Integrated Product

Integrates with Building Design Suite

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MasterBeam: Composite Slimflor®

Add-on for MasterBeam: Composite Beam Design for the design of Slimflor® beams where the deck is supported on the bottom flange of the beam. Design to Eurocode and British Standard.

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